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Modern Combat 4 – a cool dynamic shooter for smartphones. The game is implemented on a modern engine Havok, designed specifically for mobile platforms, so the graphic and physical components are at the highest level. Hurry up to meet the adventures in the continuation of the cult shooters and become the hope for mankind, who faces a nuclear war.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour hack

Now you can choose your character and act as both a savior and a destroyer. In the latter case, you will be assigned the role of Major Page, who betrayed his country, ideals and set out to wipe out the entire human race. The gameplay takes place on the territory of the Hawaiian Islands, once captured by terrorists.

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Here you are invited to take part in the single-player campaign, and fight with real players on the network. In the first you have a choice of four levels of difficulty. To accomplish the goal, the player is offered a huge arsenal, ranging from banal pistols, to grenade launchers. In addition, you can pump absolutely everything, thanks to the upgraded upgrade system. Change the barrel, butt and even change the stock of ammunition.

The game is very difficult to save the necessary amount of funds for all the necessary acquisitions. Therefore, we have added codes on our website and you can get a lot of money. Cheats codes Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

cheat Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Console graphics will instantly take you to the scene and make you experience a real rush of adrenaline. The game has excellent detailing, even the glare of lights and smoke are visible. This is a cool fighter that deserves to be downloaded to your device.

Some player reviews:

Initially the game was just crashing on the poading screen, but somehow i can play now. It is good game, but I really dont like the idea of not having the health bar like they have in most other shooter games. Makes the game a lot easier when you can get your health back just by taking cover, fix that and this game is huge.

All I have to say is WOW! Great job on the game Gameloft! I do however have some suggestions. First, I will start off by saying that we need to be able to have 10 class setup slots. This will add an even greater strategy element into the game. Next, I feel that the cost of ALL guns should be increased drastically. I love how we can keep the weapons even when we prestige though! 


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