Modern Combat 5-android, a lot of money, cheats and codes. Unlock game currency sets, tips, guide on Android / iOS. Modern Combat 5 – shooter of the modern format in the genre of action from the coolest guys from Gameloft. As you understand, the quality of the product is not discussed and this is true.

The visual part of the game is just awesome. Thanks to the excellent animation and high-quality card detailing, the player smoothly plunges into a chain of events. Dozens of complex missions, a variety of locations around the world, an impressive list of weapons and hundreds of enemies who are ready to tear you to shreds – this is what this dynamic shooter.

The developers have provided individual preferences for each gamer, and you can choose the class of your fighter. He can become an attack plane, a sapper, a sniper – the whole game offers as many as 7 character classes. Each of which is endowed with individual characteristics and combat skills. You can start an independent campaign or go to a hot spot to fight together or against other gamers. On our site you will also find the codes Age of Magic.

Modern Combat 5 cheat

  • Colonel’s Savings – Y1oqTSLelC
  • General’s Cut – iRBljWl1HR
  • Top-notch General’s Cut – 0A3LXZyzRf
  • Honorable Colonel’s Savings – eXfBG7uTg2
  • Commander’s Stash – mJGcydL1dN
  • Mercenary Bundle – RhhBb5hHez

Decide for yourself, game modes are enough to ensure that the game does not seem boring for a minute. Naturally, if the upgrade to the full program, where you can create your invincible soldier. Arsenal also did not disappoint. Even if you do not fit any type of weapon – you can create your own gun to match the fighter. Participate in complex combat operations, earn invaluable experience and acquire new improvements to your character.

Modern Combat 5 cheat

Modern Combat 5 codes for free kits, this is an opportunity to improve results. Just a cool shooter with a full set of different gadgets for lovers of good action. This is a cult game with cool graphics, and hundreds of missions that won’t let you go for a second. Download this game and together with other players immerse yourself in the military atmosphere of the perfectly realized brainchild of Gameloft.


  • eight game modes;
  • online fights;
  • Internet connection required;
  • excellent graphic component;
  • several types of characters;
  • various weapons;
  • many missions across the planet;
  • convenient management.

Game Modern Combat 5 reviews

Simply amazing. I thought It was terrible and got modern strike online, and got this again. Best graphics and gameplay and controls of any FPS mobile game I’ve seen. Not a very toxic community, the community is helpful, and actually play the game.

Multiplayer has always been my thing, and it has the best multiplayer ever with great maps, guns, sniper areas, high ground, and more. Campaign is the BEST and it’s addictive, while staying balanced with twists and turns. Gameloft is amazing.

Modern Combat 5 hack

Seriously this game is still pretty much the best game the AppStore has to offer. It is a money grab but at least for us veteran players it’s not so much that you can’t enjoy the game without buying things.

I’m part guilty myself because when they were talking about having $20 games in the App Store I said no. I said that’s too much for a phone game.

Boy was I wrong. Cause what we’ve got now is mostly trash and it doesn’t have to be. The App Store used to have some great games but freemium has screwed everything up.


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