MONOPOLY Bingo for Android is a mobile version of the game, which has become a cult gamer among the older generation. There is a large number of digital versions of the monopoly, but the project from Electronic Arts has a number of distinctive features.

The meaning of the game is simple – you have to become a real market giant and bankrupt your competitors as soon as possible. Players take turns taking turns buying territory or various businesses. If you have no remaining land left, you will have to rent the land of other participants, while paying rent every few turns.

You can build factories, shops, cafes, restaurants and get money for them from other players. Or you can sell the property to your competitors at a price that is unfavorable to them, so that you can quickly achieve victory. The game requires considerable prudence, excitement and ability to bargain.

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The developers decided to focus on the atmosphere. In addition to the playing field, you also see the location around, while it can be changed. The interior can vary from a simple bedroom to a space station. The effects and animations are also encouraging – right in front of you on the field various enterprises will be built, the chips will be placed on certain positions, the territories will be divided.

The participants sit in a circle, as if playing a real desktop version. The effect of movement in the cells is made in the form of a boot. After the move, messages appear with events that occurred during its course. The MONOPOLY Bingo for Android soundtrack is an unobtrusive melody that was used in the first PC versions.


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