Monster Farm hacking, gems, a lot of money, cheats and codes. Tips for passing, guide, coins, tools, pos podkazki. Monster Farm – quest simulator for mobile devices, designed specifically for lovers of monsters and otherworldly creatures. In this terribly fun game, you are invited to do something quite unusual for farms. Namely, to develop it by planting strange species of magical plants in the garden. Partially, the gameplay may resemble the legendary Zombie Castaways, which we also propose to install.

Monsters also have their own holidays, and they love to have fun no less than ours. In this funny hand drawn game you will take care of your small field. Planting pumpkins and many other crops, from the fruits of which you can prepare all sorts of dishes for the festive table. In addition, you will also be engaged in a small business.

On the site you will find codes for the most popular game My Singing Monsters with monsters.

Monster Farm cheat

  • Offer chest of gems – y8_9i2wu56c
  • Small chest of coins – 5o_ezjaape9

For example, sell products for monster neighbors, get experience for it and raise the level of development. This will help not only to earn extra money, but also unlock new shelves in the store, buy seeds of other crops and produce more plants.

The application also provides a large number of quests. Going through which you can earn money to expand your business. And most importantly – in this fun adventure you will not be alone. Here there are various helpers of a fantastic country who will always be happy to spend time with you.

Monster Farm cheat

You can dress them up in suits, make them do dirty work and get even more profit from the beds. Gradually, you can create a variety of potions from magic mushrooms, golden apples and other magic fruits.

On our site you will find the codes Monster Farm for Android is available for free download. In this game, a festive mood always reigns, and when you can improve all your beds and buy more seeds for planting. Be the master of the most magical site in the whole world. Discover new heroes of the story, learn about interesting recipes together and invite your neighbors to visit.

Reviews game Monster Farm

The game is nice, fun and cute. However there are items such as roof tiles, nails, rope that is required during storage & silo upgrades doesn’t come easily. Even new building launching requires these items. It seems that it comes by luck?

Monster Farm hack

Or no guides on how to get them. Should put them in market as fixed buyable items so that player can buy with coins. And the daily gift should give better items compare to the previous days so that player look forward and motivated to play on.

Same complaint about storage being full – witch takes from fun to frustration-just wish there was an extra building. For the items to increase storage buildings but reckon that’s the challenge of the game. Though love the Halloween theme apples and eye balls so cool. The animals from so cute to monsters is great and the buildings with the halloween theme so is creative!


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