Monster High Beauty Shop hacked game for Android, for free, a lot of money. Cheats and codes, free unlock items, skins. Monster High Beauty Shop – fashionable arcade, offering you to get acquainted with the amazing world of unusual models. You must have played Ever After High. This application seems to be just starring the most popular dolls for which you will come up with memorable images. The visual component of the content is most similar to the cartoon. In addition, you have a chance to get to know each of the heroines more closely, chat with them and learn about their preferences.

You opened a fashionable salon and you need to make these models come to you more often. To do this, you need to listen to their wishes, otherwise you can do something wrong, and the client will leave in a bad mood and will not return. The first girl is Frankie Stein, who needs to make horrible nails and dye her hair. Since fantasy is very important in this game, visitors will expect you to decide for themselves what they will look like. Think of the image and make it a reality.

Monster High Beauty Shop cheat

Here you are invited to use dozens of tools that are used in real stores. It will be interesting to experiment with new bows, while watching the joy of models. Very soon you will realize that creating a delightful image is much easier than it seems. By the way, there is not one model here, there are quite a lot of them. So that they all come to you, you need to earn as many points as possible.

Monster High Beauty Shop cheat codes

  • Full Game & No Ads – HGFX2dujgG
  • Monstrous Christmas Sale – ojOQXSebgB
  • Clawesome Wolf Pack – 6h9aTUN1I6
  • Ancient Legend Pack – BTUlhJNUgx
  • Ad Slayer Pack – EMEXkfcTCW
  • Spooktacular Halloween Pack – QB7VPUZNUl

If you want all the girls to be open from the very beginning, we suggest you use the Monster High Beauty Shop cheat codes. Thanks to the bonuses, everything is unlocked, which you can explore on this page, you will get everything you want. Dolls are already waiting for you to dress them up, do not waste a minute.

Game Monster High Beauty Shop Feature:

  • amazing visual component;
  • recognizable heroines;
  • open your own salon;
  • advanced tools for use;
  • there is a scale of emotions for each model;
  • various variations of images.


This gameis awesome it has different stuff that you can do when you choose a customer. What I don’t like is when you don’t pay which is what I did you only get like 2 girls to customise it is so annoying and I really want Clawdeen Wolf. Why can’t just update it thats what I want so please update the game.

I don’t really watch Monster High, I personally feel as though Frankie Stein is a Mary Sue, but anyhow. I do enjoy salon games and I had seen a lot of fun looks commercials and finally decided to try it. I enjoy doing lots of fun and weird designs, but you are limited!

Monster High Beauty Shop hack

You can’t braid or do anything besides put hair up, brush, freeze it somewhere or dye it. The hair spray is hard to use and if I try and re-create Frankie’s bangs, it won’t let me cut it down that far! I wish you were also able to do the back so you can make sure it looks okay. And when dying hair, I love to make it long but the hair dye doesn’t go down that far and it looks weird. I also wish more monsters were unlocked, I know I sound cheap but still I would rather more monsters then items or anything.

I also think that when washing their hair they should be in robes, it is a salon right? Anyway, I guess what I would like over everything is not so limited hair choices, like braiding and making flowers with their hair. Thanks for reading and I hope to see many more updates on this game!


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