Motor Depot hacking – perform diverse tasks, driving the legendary vehicles of the last century. If you like to travel, you can deliver goods to other locations on the wagon. Become a bus driver and cope with daily difficulties in the city. Arrange for a career and find out how difficult the everyday life of a dump truck operator is. The more tasks will be completed correctly, the faster you will earn a reputation and be able to advance in the gameplay, gradually opening up new game horizons.

The codes Motor Depot application for Android is a great chance to see the entire virtual world and ride on all models of transport. With the help of a cheat codes lot of money missions will be carried out much faster and better. Participate in online competitions for bonuses and useful prizes, raise funds for improvements and open all game locations completely. And to learn how to ride, you can download Driving School Classics game with unlimited resources.

Motor Depot cheat & codes

Game Feature Motor Depot:

  • simulation with versatile gameplay and network mode;
  • trucks, buses, dump trucks and another two dozen types of transport;
  • several professions and development options;
  • a large open world with lots of interesting tasks;
  • 20 unique cars;
  • Large open game world;
  • Various weather conditions;
  • More than five types of work;
  • Multiplayer
  • thoughtful driving system.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of carriers beginning of zero years. You will be able to sit for different types of transport, transport various goods to the most beautiful cities.

Motor Depot cheat

You are the best! cool! In my opinion, you need to work on the view from the cabin, first of all, to work out everything in detail with time. It would be nice to add TATRU 815, because in those years it was very popular with us. Villages and cities would be made more fun, bigger, more colorful, and in general excellent!

Thank you for your work, guys! After the update, everything has become even steeper. Kamaz does not look bad, the maz in the cabin is empty. Add mazu buttons on the panel. And in general the view from the cabin is good, it has become even more interesting add another MAZ 500.

Motor Depot hack

I will correct on 4 stars. The game for 1 month and more has become much better! But the cons remained. Of these: – the camera is not very comfortable – the courtiers work at any time. Make at least that they only worked when the engine was running. – dead cities. Not enough pedestrians, at least a couple of pieces on one street. -No vegetation. Add at least a small weed to the sides of the road, one emptiness. And so the game is addictive, a very good idea of the game is out! I wish that everything from the developer went like clockwork)


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