Muscle King – free, for android, ios. Tips, guides, get a lot of money, how to use codes, cheats in the game and other tips. Muscle King is an arcade game in which character development will depend on the speed and number of your tapes on the display. The main task for you will be building muscle for a skinny character. His figure is far from perfect, but thanks to joint efforts, you can achieve maximum results and become an attractive and strong male.

It seems that everything was fine on a personal front, but once the passion of the main character declares to him that he is leaving for another man, whose body is perfectly developed. Realizing that she likes pumped up men, the guy signs up in the gym and begins intensive training. Also on the site you will find codes for the popular game Crash of Cars.

You also need to press on the screen that there is strength, thereby increasing on his body all the big biceps. Only in this way will he be able to return his beloved, and maybe he will find a replacement for her better.

Muscle King cheat for Android iOS, hack codes

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You need to pump up every part of your body in a short period of time. To do this, there are special simulators designed for certain areas, but they need to be bought for virtual currency. Go to work so that you always have money to buy weights and all sorts of accessories for training. So, gradually your character will take on beautiful forms and will be able to compete with other handsome men.

Muscle King cheat

The game offers numerous incentives, through which the hero will be pumped many times faster. Spend the currency and get energy, thanks to which you can turn the squish into the king of muscles. Here you can find Muscle King cheat codes and get a lot of money for free. There is no limit to perfection, create a perfect body with the help of boosters.

Game reviews

Do you like ads? How about subpar graphics? Do you enjoy clicking games that don’t have a good automatic clicking system so you have to do it literally by yourself? Do you like pressing a button and getting an ad multiple times in a row? Perfect this game is for you.

Muscle King hack

My chest is big ands it is level 45 and so are my calves but they are really small! That doesnt make sense. He has a really weird way of working out.

Just got the game but can’t do anything it besides click. The game stuck in part of the tutorial about using skills and isn’t letting me do anything. Automatically after it launches most of the screen fades and can only click.


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