Music Racer hacking for a lot of money, tips and guides passing. Unlock skins, levels, disable ads. Music Racer is a neon runner with elements of a musical arcade for your device. At first glance it may seem like a normal race with futuristic visual effects. However, everything is much more interesting and entertaining. Here, the generation of each level you started will occur exactly at the moment when the music selected by you is playing. Here is an incredibly large media library, so the gameplay here always has some innovations.

The game begins with the selection of its first race car. There are several types of them, and cars are quite popular manufacturers. After these actions, you are invited to decide on musical compositions. They will play during the trip, as well as influence the generation of the track. The creation of a level takes place according to the melody, its genre, speed and other moments. The same thing happens with obstacles on the road – the level of difficulty increases depending on the song.

Music Racer cheat for Android/iOS

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The application has received simple control and, despite belonging to the genre timekiller, offers a lot of features and gadgets. This is a choice of cars, and dozens of tracks, and constantly changing drop. By the way, you should know that the gameplay here can be called infinite. Since its duration depends solely on when you do not cope with the management.

Music Racer cheat

Of course, neon visualization in a futuristic style is striking. She really charms with bright curves and animated elements. Already just because of the graphics itself should download the game. And playing with boosters and using codes Music Racer you can achieve great results. Moreover, this game and other projects are distributed free of charge.

Game Music Racer reviews

OMG so much amazing stuff in this it’s just perfect i always listen to EDM. And dubstep and this fits it so well! the stages respond amazingly in incredibly beautiful ways. I can’t put it down!

Music Racer hack

The stages are so vibrant the cars are amazing. I love the visuals and on top of all that its a rhythm game that deserves it’s five stars would recomend. Also I see alot of complaints about ads and the music not processing. I use the mp3 player from my phone and i play offline so no ads and it processes fine.

Great visuals, awesome cars, and whatever music you want. Lots of stuff to unlock and every level is different. Only problem: it takes way too long to “process audio” (I’ve had to wait over 5 minutes. And even after that it was still processing). Aside from that, highly recommend.


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