My Cafe – Restaurant game hacking on android, for free, cheat codes and guide. Unlimited money, tips, guides, free gems and gold. My Cafe – Restaurant game is an excellent simulator that will give you the opportunity to feel as the owner of a small establishment. In addition to the cafe, there is a game Home Design Makeover in which you can create a design for housing.

We’ll have to start from a small one – a very small room where visitors can only order coffee. But already from the first customers you will start to get a good profit. It will allow to develop, improving the interior of the room and expanding it. In the game store there is a large selection of furniture, household appliances and other decorative items that will allow you to arrange the institution in any desired style. And when the place is not enough, just expand the territory. This version of the game is hacked for money. Therefore, from the very beginning you will be able to purchase everything you need.

My Cafe — Restaurant game cheat

Constantly selling one coffee does not work out, so you need to increase the range of products. Invent new coffees by adding various ingredients to them. Also start selling desserts with coffee — cakes, cookies and other sweets. They will not only increase the profit of the establishment, but will also improve the mood of the visitors.

Cheat My Cafe — Restaurant

  • Gems for recipes and stories – B8hP2HQOnw
  • Pink Gift – nYBQuvXads
  • Gems for recipes and stories – KAqOKFVkZu
  • Blue Gift – fhpFnQAPl1
  • US Independence day – wOY5lfgakW
  • Special Offer – nheQbzf9CI
  • Let’s Celebrate – Q3g0GGVbGc

It is also very important in the gameplay, because if a client leaves you in a great mood, he will definitely come back. In addition, he will tell about your cafe to his friends, which will increase your profits. Sometimes visitors will even share with you their interesting life stories. By hiring a chef, you can focus not only on coffee and desserts to him, but also on other, more complex, dishes.

My Cafe — Restaurant game hack

My Cafe – Restaurant game cheat codes are a great way to have a good time. Turn a small coffee shop into a prestigious restaurant. The game has good graphics and a simple interface, the study of which does not need to spend hours of playing time.

Game My Cafe — Restaurant game reviews

It would be so much fun if we can achieve VIP leve w/o buying for £ but it’s already fun as it is. just maybe.haha and while I’m thinking of it, why not give us the option to sell out spices? Or just increase spaces for diff. spice. this is cause I already have those spices that are used on a higher.

Great game play!! Love it. Only thing is is that I have been playing this game for a LONG time. And I was nearly up to level 30 and have also spent some money in this game. I got a new phone and synced it with my Facebook (on my old and new phones). It wouldn’t go through to my new phone so I have lost ALL the progress AND the money. I spent on it is gone!! How can I get my original game back? I don’t want to have to start ALL over again! Please fix this?


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