My Little Pony hacked for android is a funny children’s simulator based on the same-name series. Gameloft Studio has created a beautiful game with pleasant animation and various fun tasks based on urban planning. After the release of the Moon Pony in Ponyville hard times came. The city has ceased to develop, and its inhabitants are no longer happy with the sunlight. Your heroine is Twilight Sparkle, which needs help to gather caring friends and rebuild this place anew, returning joy to its inhabitants. Good casual game Angry Birds 2.

The game is presented in the form of a classic strategy, where you will constantly build new objects for various purposes. Build infrastructure and help the rest of the ponies. In addition, you will complete all kinds of quests and mini-missions, allowing you to get even more rewards for your work and help.

Gradually, you will be able to collect valuable resources for the city and return joy. The game offers to play all the famous cartoon characters. You have a long way to go, you need to make every effort to rebuild their native place, travel a lot and help the rest of the inhabitants.

MY LITTLE PONY cheat & codes:


The graphic shell in code Mai Little Pony is identical to the cartoon, so you are immediately transported into this fabulous rainbow world. In addition to the beautiful bright animation, a variety of characters and tasks, the game has a nice bonus – this is the original voicing of the characters. Help each other and rebuild Ponyville, making it the most beautiful place on the planet.


Characteristic of My Little Pony:

  • bright characters;
  • diverse locations, wonderful tasks and mini-missions;
  • construction simulator;
  • original graphics and dubbing;
  • convenient management.


It is a really fun and cute game for all ages. i really enjoy playing it when it will let me on the app lately the game has been kicking me off and ive tried to fix it and get help but it will not let me on it. i hope it is fix soon and ita not just me going crazy.

it’s an amazing game!love it but the offers about buying ponies and gems are really high!and in some countries including mine,is not reachable due to boycott.I mean we are just humans trying to play a game!why don’t u guys let us?

I am very happy with your new update! I love that if u raise ur ponies stars, you can get rewards. I love the collections and everything, but there’s just a couple things I wanted to ask if you. Plz could you make things cheaper. I understand that getting 7 times the power nots for your stars would cost more, but it’s way over priced.


Not just that, but everything. The other activities, ponies, clothes, land, in app purchases, etc. I feel like you should make it so you can get 5 gems a day for watching videos or at least make it easier to gain gems. Also the land, could u plz make it so it starts at 100,000 and then goes up to about 400,000 to 450,000? And then you could make it repeat, like 100,000, 150,000, then 200,000 etc.

Because I’m trying to expand my land but it’s too many bits! I also feel like you could empty out the screen a little more. There’s a lot of things on the screen. I understand that this game is meant for kids, so everything’s supposed to be out there and eye catching; But could you just get rid of some stuff? Or combined stuff? Like putting the settings in the level bar? Or putting the ballon pop game and events with the activities plz? But thank you my little pony for the game, I love it so much and I play it everyday! I’m sorry if I seemed rude but these are just ideas.


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