My Singing Monsters hacking on android / ios for free, tips and guide. Unlimited money, coins and diamonds, tools, cheat codes. My Singing Monsters is a colorful farm in a musical setting for your mobile device. This game can be called one of the most extraordinary simulators. It combines several genres at once, and includes elements of today’s popular Tamagotchi. Visit an amazing island populated by cute monsters. They, in turn, will help you create a heavenly musical place. In addition, on the site you will find codes for the game Rolling Sky.

Each monster found or removed has its own skills. They can sing in different voices and play all sorts of instruments. However, they need to help develop, and for this there are various options. In addition to pumping every creature in the team, you will cross them and get new types with even greater musical makings. This process is quite lengthy, but the results are worth it.

My Singing Monsters cheat

At first, three dozen creatures with different skills will be available for purchase. However, most of them will have to find or purchase for virtual currency. Later you will be able to cross suitable species and get eggs from which other monster kids will hatch. Arrange your orchestra so that each of the selected monsters will join the musical symphony and together they will create an amazing motif.

My Singing Monsters cheat codes

  • Bucket of Diamonds – GRrlv57Ye1
  • Treasure Chest – FGmQ1OH7CJ
  • Crate of Coins – 4lOl9OkP5x
  • Picnic Basket – UwVoRTitIt
  • Warm-Up Pack – AQlwjbKg21

On our site you will find the cheat codes for My Singing Monsters on Android. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of money and a significant advantage. This will immediately eliminate the problem with the purchase of rare animals, and they can multiply faster. In addition, the game has other purchases that will delight your new friends.

My Singing Monsters hack

The graphics are very nice and colorful, however, it is the sound component that pays special attention here. The musical accompaniment is performed at the height, each creature has its own voice, imitating certain sounds. Take care of the fabulous creatures and they will thank you with a wonderful song.

Review game My Singing Monsters

MSM is amazing. I’ve played it for a good 5 years now. I got out of it last year, but recently I got back into it. As I said before, it’s amazing! It’s like rediscovering my past hobbies. And I like it to this day. Ok, now for the review. This game is great, and if it was paid, I would still buy it. If you like music, or monsters, this game is for you. And don’t worry about you being “too old” for it. Even though the monsters look cartoony, anyone can enjoy it. I can’t wait for the stuff coming!

The game is fun and easy to play, but you have a lot of time to wait. When I go to the compose my own music, however, I find it very difficult to recreate my favorite songs. It is very difficult because a lot of songs contain 8th notes or 16th notes. Which the game does not allow the player to use in certain key signatures. If the game allowed players to have the ability to use these all of the time I think it would be much more fun.


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