My Talking Angela hacked into android – a children’s mobile game in a symbiosis of a simulator and the once popular Tamagotchi. The application can be called a supplement to the “talking series”, where we have already met with the mischievous Tom. Now, under your caring wing, there will be a still quite small, fragile creature – a blond cat named Angel. You will help her to get acquainted with the outside world, learn new things, play and even choose the right clothes.

At first, the kitten will be quite small, you need to pat on the head and feed, so you get close. Little by little you will recognize Angela, her habits and what she loves most. It is interesting that you have to help her find out absolutely everything, you will even brush her teeth and go to bed with her. Do not forget that it must always be clean, especially since the shower restores an important supply of energy that is needed for further action. Also available on the site are the games My Talking Tom 2, Talking Tom Gold Run and other applications with your favorite characters.

My Talking Angela cheat

The application has a whole set of mini-games, including fun arcades and puzzles, playing which you can earn extra points and funds to buy various things. Having earned more money, buy a tasty and healthy food for your pet, as well as interesting accessories that can lift your spirits. Watch the indicators to know if Angela is upset or happy, then you can be aware of all the events and raise a healthy and cheerful cat.

My Talking Angela cheat

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The game is made quite qualitatively, special attention is paid to the gameplay, so that it is replete with a variety of tasks and entertainment, which also help children learn about the world and become responsible.

My Talking Angela hack

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My Talking Angela game characteristic:

  • variety of tasks + added a lot of mini-games;
  • dozens of styles and types of clothing for the pet;
  • full interaction with the main character;
  • child development simulator;
  • quality visualization and ease of management of the character.


This game is very nice. But I wish that she could go to the toilet. I also wish that she can go to school and work and you could do it for her. Also could you please give us the option to change the furniture and wallpaper in the dance room. I do not like that the make up only lasts until the next morning. The superstar moves that u buy get locked everyday and u have to buy them again. Please can you improve this as it is for children and I am a child who has good judgement on games.

My Talking Angela code

This would be a solid 5 star game, I honestly love it, but it would be nice if the prize wheel was a little nicer. I’ve watched almost 300 ads and have yet to won a decent prize. I even got a jackpot once that only gave me 1000 coins. I don’t want to win food or sleeping potions, I can buy that stuff. Also when I level up the card pack is usually all duplicates. Super irritating.

This game is really fun, but to be honest, I mostly play it for the wardrobe. I’m yours advertisements and Angela videos, you encourage us to mix and match items. But you can’t really do that, because all the outfits come with shoes except for like three of them.


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