My Talking Tom (mod a lot of money) for android is a friend and favorite of many users of different age categories. Even if you have a furry pet at home, playing with this gray cute creature will be your joy. The arcade is often compared to the good old Tamagotchi only with much advanced possibilities in raising a pet. Of course, here, first of all, the graphics tried, and Thomas himself is ready not only to eat and sleep, but even to talk about it and play a fun game and learn from you. He needs affection, attention and care.

Remember that this fluffy man can feel, he is happy, offended and crying, he needs to eat, dress and so that you put him to sleep. And in order to play with him, just lift his spirits – then he will be ready to talk with you and even mimic one or two times. Tom may become what you want him to see: change the color of his eyes, hair and hair. He likes to dress well, so that his room is clean and beautiful, do not deny him this pleasure and the animal will thank you.

My Talking Tom cheat

In order to earn coins for purchases and food, you should play mini-games with a cat in a different plan, which will also be very interesting for children. Well, if you want Tom to be full and ready at once, just use the hacking My Talking Tom with a lot of money mod on our website. Help Tom grow up healthy, intelligent, inquisitive, funny and well-groomed cat. My talking Tom game is one of the most popular simulators. Fallout Shelter can be your next game that will entice you for a long time.

Characteristic My Talking Tom:

  • entertainment application with great potential;
  • the ability to change the appearance of Tom;
  • pet care, training and buying clothes;
  • mini-games with a cat;
  • the talking pet is ready to cheer you up by repeating everything you say;


The series is pretty good πŸ‘Œbut it has LOTS of adds. I think you should tone down the adds to getting a prize also can you make a my talking Ben, My talking Perrie, my talking ginger extra extra plz? also the baby and adult potions should 3 diamonds like the other potions cus it’s kinda unfair too have them having too be bought with real money. I hope you read this it would be a pleasure these changes and games too be made. Please make a feature for each game too turn coins into diamonds and the oppsite.

My Talking Tom hack

Clothes & home decor r too costly man. If the prices cant drop give us more πŸ’°πŸ’ΈπŸ’³ wen we play games or sumting. Also their should b a sperate closet for the things u have already purchased him. & a fat Tom wud b nice as well.

LeilaniJanuary 22, 20191156ξ—”Tom is SO cute.. That’s saying something – I’m a dog lover, don’t care to much for cats (pls. cat lovers, I didn’t say I don’t like you lol) but I do LOVE Tom πŸ˜‚


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