Naxeex Superhero codes – turn into a hero with inhuman abilities and save your city from the crime wave. A distinctive feature of the game is exactly the protagonist himself. Since the creators managed to fit into one character almost all the supernatural skills that the comic book characters possess.

In many ways, the project resembles Rope Hero. Because there is also an absolutely open gaming environment. Visually, the game can give odds to many applications of its segment, and the saturation of tasks and anti-heroes will delight lovers of good action.

The choice is offered two ways of development: the campaign and the free game. In the first, you need to search on the map informers and customers who set goals for the hero. In one task you will need to prevent robbery, in the other to beat robots or steal a car.

Each completed mission opens up new game horizons, besides, you will receive a reward to replenish your arsenal and buy different costumes. If you choose a free passage, then a typical GTA begins here, with massacres. Car theft and other consequences, the only difference is that your hero is hard to beat.

Naxeex Superhero android

Among the skills of your meta-hero, you can find super speed, laser vision, ultrasound control, and all sorts of other things that can help out sooner or later. It will take time to master all the potential, besides, you will find. A whole metropolis with a bunch of tasks and antagonists who cannot wait for a kick. Eliminate crime by any available methods and open all the privileges.

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Game reviews

One stat point per level is too small.. Please make it 10 per level.. Another thing is that after all quests are done, it becomes boring.. Even if the defence is max, the health bar still reduce drastically when hit with bullets.

Please include strength, speed and other attributes to make it more interesting… When the level was at 50, I still remained so even when I leveled up… Nice game, keep it up.

Naxeex Superhero code

This game has great potential. But I was able to complete all of the missions in one day. The transformers have no real rate as for when they appear, and it can get a bit boring tossing cars, and people around telekinetically.

I recommend giving Naxeex a villain, or some rival to go against. Give him more strength as well. Naxeex is a very powerful individual that can send cars flying away with one kick. If he can do that, he should be able to lift a car over his head, throw said car, and send people flying from one punch. Or maybe he can lift them too?

Game Feature:

  • realistic three-dimensional world;
  • advanced character features;
  • campaign and free passage;
  • a large number of tasks, weapons and ammunition;
  • various models of costumes.

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