Need For Speed: Most Wanted is an excellent game for real street racers, eager for new sensations and impressions of virtual racing. If you didn’t have enough drive, levels, game garage, or maybe visual effects, download without thinking.

Studio EA has created the very game that will give you all this and even more. Drive on mind-blowing speeds, overtaking opponents, trot your vehicle and try to reach the top of the leadership. Need For Speed: Most Wanted is one of the most popular races. Also available on the site tips when passing the game Real Racing 3.

The most notable change in the game is the damage system, which is implemented with incredible detail. Smashing your car, you will see the windows fly out from the rear-view mirrors, break into headlights and break the body. This spectacle is also supported by modern three-dimensional graphics with cool animation and beautiful drawing of all the details.

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Cars and cities where you have to drive have beautiful graphics. A scale map with a bunch of complex tracks offers a variety of events. You can get valuable prizes and even currency, the presence of which is extremely important here.

Your first car will not be cool enough. But you can gradually improve its performance and speed. But in addition to one car you will find in the garage four dozen modern licensed racing cars. Cars can be purchased for anyone who wishes for game currency.

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For this there is only a manual, as well as codes Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Feel the rich and get all this unique fleet. The game offers a variety of modes where you can participate in races for a while, duels and even races with three street racers. In general, the game looks great, despite the fact that this is a mobile version. Cool graphics, cool tracks, lots of cars and adrenaline rush. In short, this is the real Need For Speed ​​on Android / iOS.


  • physics and visual effects;
  • extensive tuning capabilities;
  • four dozen cars of the highest class;
  • dozens of locations and different modes;
  • damage system;
  • convenient management.


Game itself is great but I am not impressed. I paid full price for this app thinking my gamepad would work with it. But everytime I try to change controls to Moga. It tells me my gamepad is not connected. I expect more from something that cost so much.

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Need more swipe and drag control option More daily events and daily login rewards as appreciation for paying 4he game. Must be improved graphical quality like asphalt and real racing.

It’s impossible to control the car with the current control options. I promise to change the rating to 5 if you’ll add a touch option that act exactly like NFS No Limits.


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