Operate Now: Hospital Hacked – a multifunctional simulation project in which you can learn more about medicine. During a long gameplay, a gamer will be able to familiarize himself with various aspects of the surgeon’s profession, including taking part in the operation of patients. You are waiting for dozens of tasks for clarity and ingenuity, and you will be responsible for the whole clinic.

In the simulator there are several options for development, each of which in its own way will help you in the management of the institution. Attention should be paid to the attendants and staff working side by side with you – the health status of the patients will depend on each of them. Look for high-quality devices and equipment, without which it will be impossible to conduct a full-fledged diagnosis or operation. On cheat-cod.com you will find the codes My Talking Tom 2.

In addition to the economic side of the game, the developers offer a full dip in the surgeon’s everyday life. You will be operating patients several times a day, and their problems will always be different. A successful process and remission will allow you to receive financial resources, due to which you can make repairs in certain departments or complete the construction of the clinic. The more operations – the more tools and advanced features in the game.

Operate Now: Hospital cheat codes

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In many ways, it all depends on the balance of the game currency, which will be sorely lacking. We bring to your attention the cheat codes Operate Now: Hospital on Android, ios. Use free hacked version can each user. Having a lot of money you can get rid of various factors, you can also quickly realize your management plans.

Operate Now: Hospital cheat


  • high-quality visuals and animations;
  • several plot ramifications;
  • realistic operating process;
  • elements of economic strategy;
  • staff recruitment, purchase of inventory and development of new buildings;
  • intuitive control.
  • buildings;
  • intuitive control.


Decent game, enjoy the surgery part, yesterday had some issues where it wouldn’t let me complete a task. It fixed itself but one if my surgeons has vanished in the process. Their health went down to 5 and it says they are busy and in reception? can’t find them anywhere though.

Operate Now: Hospital hack

I just started playing a couple of days ago. The graphics are beautiful. The operations are simple to execute. I’m already a bit frustrated though because I can’t advance at my second hospital. I need a paramedic to assign to a task and only have one that I need at the other hospital. I spent $60,000 game money on a recruitment pack only to get a Doctor. It takes so long to build cash and everything is expensive. There should be a way to be able to pick which kind of staff member you want to hire when buying with game money. You can pick if you hire with CVs but I have no idea how to earn those.

UPDATE: A previous review was correct and you will get to a point where you cannot progress without spending real money. I currently need the highest level Nurse for stamina purposes to complete an assignment. The Nurse can only be purchased with hearts. I took a chance and spent the hearts I earned naturally on a Diamond recruitment pack and got an Auxiliary.

I don’t even know what they are used for. I’ll repeat what I said in my earlier review that we should be able to pick what kind of staff member you get. I might consider spending a little actual money every now and then if there was a guarantee that I could get what I needed and not something random that (in this case) I don’t even know how to use. I’ll continue working on my other assignments for as long as I can but once I’m capped out, I’m done with this game.


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