Oppa Doll hacking for ​​android – create your own virtual characters and give them different characteristics. In this mobile simulator you will have an expanded toolkit for working on the heroes of the new story. Your first doll can be a pop star, model or businessman – only you decide. Fantasize with different images, give your children unique features and wear bright costumes. Unnie doll is another game in which you can get a similar experience.

Try to invent your first doll. After launch, you will only see the outlines of the character on the display. At the very bottom there is a toolbar where you can choose one of dozens of hairstyles. Eye cuts and other parameters by which images will be created. To begin with, you should decide who your doll will be after creation – it is easier to invent outfits and combine them with accessories. There are also hundreds of all sorts of stickers and other things that will decorate the image of the hero.

Oppa doll cheat

Little by little, you can create friends for the skin or even a whole group of characters who will do different things. Remember that everything will depend on your decisions. You will not be distracted by game tasks or other moments. If you unlock additional resources, namely, hairstyles and clothes. Then you will have a chance to come up with even more heroes. After their images are ready, you can save them to your mobile device and use them as smiles.

Oppa doll cheat codes

  • Premium Pack – U2myxHixAX
  • Special Mypet – tV98ixDk4R
  • Premium Pack 2 – 1i4lIGKwWr
  • Special Bags – llt4PpJiGm
  • Special Noble – 0qscdFiLwp
  • Special Petsticker – Ve7GN3AFce
  • Special ChristmasClothes – 6YByMB2BfN

Visually, the game looks pretty laconic, and navigation is simplified to the maximum. With the hacked Oppa Doll for Android, you will have access to all game parameters. Do not miss the chance to use codes a free fashion lot of money and get the opportunity to make more purchases.


This app is really good and I’ve been using oppadoll since it came out, and now Unniedoll. There are a lot of things the app does right; I like how they give you the option of watching ads to get certain items, it draws you in, so that you develop a liking for the game.

Oppa doll hack

Which then entices you to buy special slots, rather than other apps that would try to take your money right off the bat. I do think, though, that this app would be better if it was both Unniedoll and oppadoll combined, because then you could put couples together etc. I think it’d also be cool if you could give them actions, like dancing or hand motions.

I’m very happy with this app, There are many options, skin colors, hairstyles. I think it’s great.. You do have to watch a short add for some of the items but there not very long, and sometimes they have skip buttons. The only thing is that it sometimes freezes, I’m not sure If it’s just my phone or the game. But it’s easy to fix, just exit and get rid of the tab.


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