2 hacking, a lot of money, coins, unlock skins. Cheats and codes, unlimited resources, god mode, tips and guide. 2 is a network clicker that requires players agility and speed of decision making. Here the main thing is to be more cunning and enterprising than the rest of the players.

Since the winner in the round is the one who weighed himself a larger piece of the game location. The game resembles Color Road and, in comparison with the first part, opens up new horizons. Now even more adventures, locations, resources and nice bonuses. The site also has codes in the game Jurassic World Alive on Android / iOS. 2 cheat

There are no rules as such in the game, the only thing you need to know is that in no case should you go beyond the location line, otherwise you will drop out of the race. Several users participate in one round at a time and their goal is to seize borders. And both free and already occupied by other gamers. You will manage a color cube, which, regardless of you, will rapidly fly forward. Through svaypov direct it on the territory and draw the line of your possessions. 2 cheat

  • No Ads – P4LMH4ZQ34
  • God mode – QY4M1JXK9Y

The game requires an Internet connection, you also have to put up with promotional materials. Already the first release from Voodoo was incredibly popular due to the simplicity and drive in the gameplay. Now the game has become even more interesting and cooler. 2 hack

Cheat codes 2 for android, it is an opportunity to get a lot of money and set a new record. Achievements will allow you to unlock all skins and get access to valuable resources. Use the codes and get everything unlocked and get unlimited game resources at your disposal.

Game Feature:

  • original gameplay with simplest navigation;
  • network confrontations to four gamers;
  • varieties of color locations;
  • various resources and promotions;
  • network access required;
  • There are promotional materials.

Game reviews

Please fix the bug that I randomly lose all of my land and can’t finish a line I’ve started when nobody has taken my land over. That has to stop. Also, there is way too many ads, please let me pay to remove them or add purchasable skins.

I want to see skin packs to get unlock-able skins. I have an idea for you to add missions. Like kill 5 players with the ___ skin, or 5 players hat have ___ points or more. I would give this game 5 stars, but it’s too much like the previous game. I love the free drawing, but you need to add more to this game. It’s too simple in my opinion. I also really want to be able to take over people’s land when I kill them. 


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