Pastel Girl hacking for android – a mobile project that invites you to become a fashion designer. Every girl loves to try on beautiful and bright outfits that will shake others. But in order to have a beautiful view, you need to be able to select them correctly. This is what we will do in the game presented – to dress the main character and watch how satisfied she is with our choice.

Gameplay is a simple, at the same time fascinating modeler simulator. Here for the robots, we have been offered hundreds of all sorts of things and details that need to be assembled like a puzzle, little by little dressing an anime girl. By the way, the very Japanese-style design and pastel colors of the interface are very well relaxing. The gameplay looks like a well-drawn cartoon, only here we can change the conditions ourselves.

Pastel Girl cheat codes

  • Black and White : Bottom – Wya2e82b6m
  • Black and White : Top – NEhT5HHotA
  • Horn : Accessory – bp6ciXeSb7
  • Cherry Blossom : Face – J5o66Gz8zc
  • Animal : Face – Z2L3G3JXQw
  • Animal : Accessory – wPNrdtPl2g
  • Black and White : Accessory – SMua1lPzWa
  • Cure : Face – 0vzZ2gzMNu
  • Fairy : Face – BMhQXZlsfJ
  • Forsythia : Top – YBraYuCb1n

Our virtual girlfriend is endowed with emotions, so if she doesn’t like something in her outfit, she will be capricious and nervous, so it’s better to find her a dress or a handbag that suits her image the first time. Just pay attention to the game The Simpsons Tapped Out, on the site you will find the codes for the game. Thanks to the ascetic interface, it is very easy to find everything we need in the tools. In general, we can say that the application was designed specifically for young users and the developers did not let us down – everything is concise and as simple as possible.

Pastel Girl cheat

Do not forget that the game will have to buy many outfits for virtual currency, it in turn is earned, if we manage to choose the right items of clothing. But you can simplify the gameplay and just download the hacked version of Pastel Girl on Android. It has a free shopping mode, with which little players will not have to save for a long time on new accessories or a blouse.


My mom wont let me buy stuff on the shop but can i tell u my favs? O like the fariy one because it japanese themed and i like forsythia and chery blossom sets because. I think they are opposites beacuse one is victorian and the other one is traditional. that is all.

Pastel Girl hack

OMG I think I just found the awsomest game…. this is so entertaining…. I have made 200 dolls and now I downloaded it in my tablet to make even more because I just can’t get enough… my only complain is that it takes them a long time to make new clothes, but I totally understand that it is not that easy to make new clothes quickly…thank you for this amazing game.


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