PickCrafter hacked on android, ios. Free game currency sets, cheat codes, guides and tips. PickCrafter is a classic sandbox-style application for your mobile device. Gameplay in the timekiller is quite trivial, but this simplicity is its main advantage. Click on the display as quickly as possible, and then your earnings will be unrealistic scales. On the site you will find codes for other games. Cube Survival Story, Block Strike and Durgy are available.

By one name, you can understand that the project has incorporated some elements of pixel sandboxes that are popular today, like Minecraft. However, the gameplay is different here, because you first need to become a miner, a miner of unique and precious rocks. The faster you tap your fingers on the screen, the more damage you get and you can earn more points.

PickCrafter cheat

When you have a certain number of different stones, you can sell them on the black market. You need virtual tools to buy quality tools. After all, this will depend on the speed of work, as well as the level of fatigue of the character. For a start, you will have some tools, but they are already enough for a good start. Remember, and their pumping, which will help to extract resources faster.

PickCrafter cheat codes for Android/iOS

  • B & W Pickaxe – 8Z8o8iNuRw
  • Buckets of Runic – Su6bhCp4QN
  • Block Doubler – wZdCw552OF
  • Special Offer – l6gWXmzuIL
  • Cookie Pickaxe – gqVWULVO1D
  • Torch Pickaxe – ClT6snpyUi

In addition to regular clicks, you can also just shake your device and also earn coins. Such an original implementation of spatial management adorns the gameplay. Well, if you want to immediately get the best tools. Then on our site you can get a lot of money, valuable resources. PickCrafter cheat codes are available on the Android / IOS platform.

The game also offers a rating system, where you and other users will compete for the championship. In addition, the timekiller thought out some rewards for achievements in work. The rest is a project with high-quality gameplay and a nice graphical shell in retro style.


  • dozens of mining tools and resources;
  • good upgrade system;
  • unusual and, at the same time, convenient control system;
  • original gameplay;
  • pixel art graphics;
  • global rating;
  • about fifty awards.

T.his is a game if you play it to long its edictive. And you dont want to delete it and then when you do you want to donload it again.

I used to play this game a ton about a year back and I spent a good deal of money on items such as the block doubler. A shame that my purchases and account was wiped but after returning to this game and seeing the changes that’ve been made. It’s incredible to see just how much better the game has gotten!

PickCrafter hack

I’m most especially impressed with the 2 biggest gripes I had in the past: Useless blocks and Useless picks. Previously, blocks that only had 1 use and only required a minimal amount of in order to progress seemed really pointless. However, with the introduction of the furnace that’s been completely remedied! Before, picks were used to purchase chests containing mostly useless blocks.

And since the picks were the “cookies” of this game, what point was there to gaining more picks and PPS? There was none! But with the new skill tree, picks feel far more rewarding to obtain then before! To see these changes is a great welcome alongside the new biomes, very pleased with how this game has evolved!


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