Pixel Car Racer cash, a lot of money on android – car arcade in retro style for your mobile device. Stylish design of the game – not all that attracts players. There are about fifty vehicles of different models, hundreds of parts for improvement and several amazing trails.

Interestingly, the difficulty levels and the game modes themselves will determine which gearbox will be installed in the car. Here almost everything is adjusted, starting from the time of day, ending with the weather. Another nice thing is the implementation of controls that you are free to customize.

When you figured out everything and chose an iron horse, you can safely go to the track and try to win your first victory. Racing is one of the most popular genres. Since this is an arcade, on the site you will find the racing game Real Racing 3.

Pixel Car Racer cheat

Do not forget to come to your own garage to spend there money earned. Thanks to your imagination, manual dexterity and a certain amount of funds, each car can turn into a work of art. Put a new engine, change tires or you can even install a cylinder with nitrogen on it. Spare parts store offers hundreds of units of goods, and you can independently put each of their parts on the car and then test it.

Pixel Car Racer cheat codes

  • Remove Ads – 9u2QnZw52E
  • Set of 60 Crates – hMtd633bHT
  • set of 10 Diamonds – wyFZVHWRsk
  • extra Car Slot (3 of 6) – lhkGX6yjMq

We suggest you use the hacked Pixel Car Racer on Android, ios. With this burglary, you will have access to all available purchases in the virtual marketplace and you will be able to collect a whole collection of racing cars. The pixel-style graphical shell gives the gameplay a special atmosphere. This is a great arcade game for those who would like to shake up the old days and drive on a sports car, as it used to be on consoles.


  • pixel art visualization;
  • a couple of game modes;
  • about 5 dozen sports cars;
  • a thousand items for wheelbarrows;
  • unique upgrade system;
  • race and test drive;
  • dynamic gameplay;
  • customizable management features;
  • two kinds of gearboxes.

Reviews game Pixel Car Racer

I love pixel car racer i would give it a 100/10. 1 thing that i think would be cool to add to the game is supercars. The tuning aspect has been fulfilled mabey some supercars now like the mercades benz amg ft3 or a ferrari f40 or lamborgini huracan. I think that will make the game even better. Or ma…

Pixel Car Racer hack

This game is great but yout missing some good cars and engine swaps. For example, the evo 3, lamborghini, Porsche, and add more engines that we can buy from the store please. Add a feature to paint the wheels, and have different height for front and back, window tints, and neons. I guarantee to you that if you do these changes you’ll be a really good game, and so you can be the most customizable game in mobile. I forgot something, add online mode.

Wonderful game. Don’t like having to start over on a new device. This has everything you could want from a small pixel car game at first. Gets kinda boring when you get to the X tier. My only wishes would be for a few more chiptunes and more modifications. Even if some are just cosmetic or only benefit a few points.


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