Pixel Force 2 hacked on Android and iOS, it is an opportunity to get a lot of money. Where to enter codes, how to use cheats to access valuable resources. Unlock weapons, pass the level and improve the character. The game Pixel Force 2 is a dynamic retro arcade game for mobile devices. The main character will pick up one of the guns and walk through dozens of zones, leaving behind only the liner and the mountains of pixel men.

The simple gameplay and its dynamism make the game the best option for killing free time. And, of course, this is nostalgia for those games that once enthralled all the players. Pixel games are gaining more popularity. Also, the game Geometry Dash gives an unforgettable experience of an arcade game.

Pixel Force 2 hack

And so, in front of almost eighty levels and several hundred soldiers of the enemy army, there are six cannons in the arsenal and a spirit of victory. Slay brave souls who have made a mistake by crossing your path, shoot and watch how your virtual wallet grows rich. Unlike other applications of pixel format, there is a system of achievements. Therefore, you will have where to strive and improve your skills.

Pixel Force 2 cheat codes, hacking:

  • 1 000 000 cash – XVBSwof3tX
  • 15 000 cash – PGOcbDAeQX

There are two modes, where your killer skill will unfold. Traveling in two worlds, you will meet with enemies of different caliber, they will be agile, labels and strong, but you are cooler and have to show it to them. Cool graphics, a lot of blood, opponents and weapons – what else is needed for a real action movie? Of course, the Pixel Force 2 cheat codes for Android are an opportunity to get more freedom and valuable resources.

Game Feature:

  • retro style;
  • game modes to choose a player;
  • a couple of worlds and eight dozen locations;
  • a variety of weapons for the character;
  • collecting valuable resources;
  • obtaining achievements for the destruction of the forces of the enemy;
  • easy navigation.

Some player reviews:

Nice game, maybe I’d like to move some buttons. Don’t know if a bug but I can’t open the “free” chest because “no internet connection…”. I have internet connection of course. EDIT: now it crashes every time I begin a level.

Pixel Force 2 cheat

Generally a very good game however it has an extremely irritating bug. On Android 8 when you jump onto the roller carts the character doesn’t stay in the cart and often ends up in the rock. This in most cases makes finishing the level impossible therefore blocking progress. Please fix as I’m blocked due to this bug.


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