Pixel Gun 3D PRO Minecraft Ed hacked for android – a dynamic shooter in the popular setting, where the gameplay connects two games at the same time, which turn heads of millions of players. In this game, the design and crafting of Minecraft are taken, and the main gameplay is Counter Strike, where you need to ruthlessly eliminate enemies. Fight to death in a network mode with other gamers, create unique types of weapons and head the leaderboard in the world rankings.

Customize the skin of your hero as you wish and send it to your first task. You find yourself in the so-called labyrinth, where you need to keep your ears open, because one of the enemies can wait just around the corner. The game features several locations with different designs, in addition there are special modes where you can fight not only alone, but also in a team against other gamers, as well as the walking dead. Cube Survival Story one more game with pixel graphics.

You can talk a lot about crafting. If you have the funds to purchase the necessary items, you can create almost anything: AK-47, M16, ultrasound, shotguns, pistols and much more.

Pixel Gun 3D cheat codes, for Android, iOS:

  • Chest with Gems – DvRwISyf5
  • Huge Stack of Coins – wOCsW2PMO
  • Good Offer- FTjQsCout

By the way, this is exactly why we added a cheat codes Pixel Gun 3D PRO Minecraft Ed on our website. With a codes for a lot of money. With this privilege you will be able to increase the level of character development and enjoy battles without limits.

Pixel Gun 3D cheat

In the game, branded cubic graphics, which gives the gameplay of a certain cheerfulness. You need to constantly be alert, so as not to fall into the trap of the enemy, to pump skills and find useful items. The application is constantly updated, minor errors are corrected and advanced features are added to crafting.


  • 9 different cards;
  • dozens of weapons;
  • crafting system;
  • up to 10 users on one map;
  • ability to change character skins;
  • several modes, including multiplayer;
  • battles against zombies;
  • frequent updates;
  • hacking Pixel Gun 3D into game currency.


Best game ever, dont think twice just get the game. Everything is beautiful ,not to hard not to easy, all u need even as a beginner is skill. Learn and all will b great ,take my word for it. Some hackers are arround with strong weapons, but with skills they’ll be nothing, iv defited some of them, u can to. its just so fun. Forget pay to win, play well and ull get what u want though buy something to support their efforts.

Pixel Gun 3D hack

I like the game, I dont like how its pay to win. Also the trader guns in the most recent update are not worth the gems or even coins, I bought the Propitiator and just to upgrade it once, it costs 90 freaking coins! The gun itself is also 415 coins which is a LOT, especially in the backup category. Please, just make the trader guns be worth the price, or at least less costly to upgrade. Honestly, I liked pixelgun in 2014 a lot more. 😐 Edit: Now the Propitiator costs GEMS!!!!! WTH


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