Plague Inc hacked into android – biological simulator with strategy elements, similar to Doodle God HD. The only difference is that instead of creating the world, you will be engaged in its destruction, by breeding a new deadly strain. But with experiments on human DNA, everything is just beginning, because you need to somehow spread this virus and you have to come up with a way out. The game has a huge set of content that allows you to conduct all sorts of experiments on people, and you yourself can become a mad scientist who created a new pathogen. Also on the site are codes for the popular Family Guy simulator.

You have three types of difficulty, each of which offers a completely different model of the development of the plot. If, for example, the easiest one is to choose, it can spread the virus to all fifty countries in a few weeks with little or no obstacles. In the most difficult mode, things are much more serious, because the diseased will be isolated, and to transfer the strain will have to work. To get started, select the level of difficulty and the location of a pandemic fire.

Plague Inc cheat codes

  1. Necroa Virus Expansion Pack – PiC_@KEJWO38
  2. Neurax Worm Expansion Pack – PiC_@JEIWO93H
    Unlock 7 Standard Plagues – PiC_@ JWO39IDN
  3. Unlock All Genes – PiC_@KJW38HDS
  4. Unlock Cheats – PiC_@POD93JX9A
  5. Scenario Pack – PiC_@OE0391UN
  6. Simian Flu Expansion Pack – PiC_@9I2JSSPIZ
  7. Unlock Virus – PiC_@NEP93H1
  8. Plague Pack – PiC_@ EWNO39N
  9. Shadow Plague Expansion Pack – PiC_@JQI29HXJ

The second step will be the choice of the disease itself, because each of them has a certain set of symptoms and other specific features. You can conduct experiments that show how the virus affects a person. If you are a truly bloodthirsty type, look for a virus that, when infected, causes a person to die in agony. You will have enough variations, you will only have to conduct experiments and spray the strain in the village.

Plague Inc cheat

We offer you an updated full version of the application. Everyone can get it using Plague Inc. cheats. This is the easiest and free way to play for free and without shopping. Using this code, you can unlock all game content for free. As well as DNA samples for additional experiments.

Game Feature:

  • sufficiently thought-out plot moves and the virtual environment itself;
  • fifty countries to experiment;
  • more than a dozen varieties of deadly pathogens;
  • several difficulty modes that change the course of the gameplay;
  • additional resources.
Plague Inc hack


This is a great and imaginative game. Difficult but not so much as to take away the fun. I actually bought it near when it was first released and the updates are regular and impressive. But the thing that bothers me about any game with in-app purchases is that it there are so many individual in app unlocks, etc.

That it’s completely unreasonable to expect a customer to purchase them all and on top of the original app purchase. Yes, you can unlock them through gameplay but it is very difficult and/or time consuming to do so. I would consider a full 5-star review if there was a single in app purchase that unlocks all additional content for a single REASONABLE price. Or better yet, eliminate in apps altogether and just charge up front when you buy the game and offer the player the ability to cheat and unlock expansions at will.

I understand that the devs need to eat and should be paid for their content. But as a mobile app all the added content available is too unreasonably priced. When you can buy an HD console game for about the same price once you’ve purchased everything currently available at the time of this review. 

In short, great game, great developers, but limited in replay value unless you spend even more money for all of the expansions and unlocks. Please offer a better option and I’ll absolutely give this 5-stars.


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