Planet Bomber – hacking, free, a lot of money, bonuses and codes, passing tips, guide, tools. Planet Bomber is a mobile timekiller that tells about the galactic wars in a minimalist format. The arcade will appeal to those users who love games like the 2, where in addition to a pinch of luck, accuracy and strategy are needed. Being an evil genius possessing an incredible weapons warehouse, for some reason you decided not to enslave the planet. And immediately destroy them all cleaned. This and need to do for dozens of locations.

The search for the planets takes place in an automatic format, you just have to send the right amount of weapons to them. And in a minute only cosmic dust will remain from the celestial body. But not everything is as rosy as it may seem initially, because do not forget that there is life on almost every planet.

Planet Bomber cheat codes

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You will often come across advanced civilizations that have super-powerful weapons that can destroy even you. Often you will have to clash with the leaders, for the victory over which you can get more money.

The destruction of the planets occurs in several stages, depending on the level. All these layers need to be split as quickly as possible, before the arrival of the hunters who can blow up your spaceship in the blink of an eye.

Planet Bomber cheat

Speed ​​and equipment are important, so try to quickly unlock nuclear weapons, lasers and everything that will allow you to complete the mission with minimal losses for you. Use Planet Bomber cheat codes for android to get a lot of money for free. This will give a certain advantage even over the strongest rivals and will help to reveal your entire combat potential.

Game reviews

Pretty boring overall. No real engagement since the randomly spawning small missiles can do all the work after a while. The amount of ads is also really high. After every single stage there is an ad and if you actually try destroy the planet as fast as you can, you’re pretty much faced with an ad every minute or two.

Planet Bomber hack

What a disappointing game. The concept is cool, but there is no challenge to it whatsoever. There’s literally no way to lose, and with the small bombs coming in on their own, you can just turn the game on, set your phone down, and rack up money to upgrade.

Once to get to a high enough level you unlock all the free bombs and then that’s it. You’ve done absolutely nothing, you’ve gained nothing, and you try not to let your wife know that you’ve waisted your time on a game.


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