The game Polysphere has high-quality 3D-graphics, although the images displayed in the game are quite simple and not too detailed. The main images in the game are simply images containing animals and objects that have a simple form. Behind these photos can be hidden animals such as foxes, cats, wolves, horses … or objects such as apples, bananas, … And you will not know the image at each stage, you can only find out after its detection. Using hacking Polysphere you can unlock all the elements and disable advertising in the game. Like Subway Surfers, the game is very bright and colorful.

Polysphere is a brand new puzzle game that trains your brain! Swipe to rotate the puzzle until you see a complete picture. Dive into a whole new 3D puzzle experience!
Relax and enjoy the masterpieces you will create!


This game is super great. I pkaybit during my commute on the subway cause i dont need service to play it. You can also progress through the levels without watching a lot of commericlas. The lack of commerical watching actually makes me want to spend momey on the game for some of the puzzle packs cause theyre not forcing commercials down my throat ti progress. Its super relaxing and sometimes challenging. I really love this game and i hope my review helps!

Polysphere cheat

I like this game, because it doesn’t really have an objective. I just spin fragments of pieces, until the computer thinks I’m close enough. Then the computer completes the shape of the object for me. Tranquil music plays, while I spin the fragments round and round in space. There’s no pressure to achieve anything. I can just take my time; spinning the geometric fragments, until finally the the right object appears. This is really nice.

Polysphere hack codes

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  • Butterflies 10 Arts Pack SALE – KFq09SJZWR
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xcuse me? Are you telling me you made a game that spams ads, only has 8 levels, and makes you pay a ton every week just to unlock the rest? Seriously, if you want to make a game that people actually like, and will actually pay 20 dollars a month to play it instead of angering the people who downloaded it, here are some suggestions.
First of all, try to get rid of some of the ads. This app had way too many ads for just eight levels. A few would be alright. 100 is not. Get the difference?

Polysphere hack

Second, put more free levels into the app. Just 8 levels? C’mon, I know coding a game takes awhile, but just eight free levels is not acceptable for me and so many aggravated customers. Maybe bump it up to 15 or maybe 20 so more people get the taste of the game, and feel good about it completely before purchasing premium. They will also be happy with you developers for having a selection of free levels, and they could be pleased enough to actually purchase the full game.


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