Power Painter hacking, free of charge, on android & ios. Cheat codes, passage tips, guides and hints. Power Painter is an original TD with an unusual gameplay solution, reminiscent of 2048. The game received the simplest design and navigation, so even a child will be able to understand the passing principle. To complete a level, gamers need to collect maximum points, destroying paintballs. Additionally, you can improve the characteristics of the existing arsenal, as well as improve the fortress.

Despite the fact that the strategic component in the game process. Far from the main factor of victory, the project has incorporated the mechanics of defense of the tower. Here the reaction to what is happening, the speed of tapes and, of course, the accuracy of the player, are extremely important. The site has collected hundreds of bonus codes, tips and tricks for passing.

Power Painter cheat

There are no abstruse rules and conditions, except for how to collect more points for the discovery of new achievements. Well, in order to increase the game level, just visit the internal weapons shop more often. It is a diverse arsenal.

Power Painter cheat codes

  • Premium Membership – kMgsUlEvfy
  • Crate of Diamonds – 4lb9MlEgGI
  • Epic Stage Pack 1 – UtGfHQD34n
  • Auto Merge – Zpv1GzljiJ

Each blown ball will paint the location in a certain color. And by the end of the passage, all the tracks look like a rainbow. In a special section you can see your achievements and find out whether you are in the TOP Users. To become one of the best, you need to experiment more often with the placement of guns and speed up the passage of the level as much as possible.

In order to get as many bonuses and points as possible, you can use the hacked Power Painter on Android. Get a lot of money, this is an opportunity to improve your results. You get absolute access to game upgrades and gun shop. Use these benefits wisely and top the world ranking.

Game Feature:

  • stylish visuals and unusual mechanics;
  • growing gameplay dynamics;
  • dozens of models of guns of different properties;
  • many bright levels;
  • user rating is provided.


Pretty good game with a unique mechanic for a tower defense game. Although I am quite unsure how does the “acid pool” work. Does the enemy take damage from passing through it? Because I do not see any numbers. Also the tooltip is somewhat vague to me. Needs more clarity on that and if they take damage, at least floating numbers should be shown. Otherwise, great game.

Power Painter hack

So this is my favorite game and I play it multiple times a day. I just find it satisfyingly addictive. But with the latest update taking away the ability to play on previously beaten level.

It kind of killed the pace. Also the rounds were you have to beat the orange flying enormous they take me around three to five days to beat so they seem. A bit buffed to much. Though I do love the new chest and reward system. Despite these complaints tho it has remained my favorite game that I play most of the day.


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