Pregnant Talking Cat Emma hacking, a lot of money, guide, free codes, cheats and codes. Download the mod, or use promotional codes, diamonds. Pregnant Talking Cat Emma – mobile timekiller for the whole family. The application is made in the same visual format. Like My Talking Tom 2, the gameplay and functions of the virtual friend are also similar. The game is completely in Russian, which facilitates the process of caring for a pet, performing tasks and entertainment. This is one of the best educational projects, which has a large number of resources and capabilities.

Emma and Oscar decided to make their family a full, and very soon they will have an addition. The most difficult and responsible mission was laid on you – to prepare thoroughly for this significant day. Since the babies will be born only after the thirtieth level, you have a long way to go, many visits to the doctor, shopping. Communication, arrangement of the nursery, as well as a lot of entertainment. Start to get acquainted with the world of Emma and help her in everything.

Pregnant Talking Cat Emma cheat

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She loves to chat: when you talk to Emma, ​​the cat will turn them off. You can listen to relaxing music together, go out or stroll in the park and even take pictures. The days of going to the doctor are the most significant, because the examination is very important for the health of the mother and her future kittens.

It would be nice if you yourself figure out how to still entertain a pregnant cat, for example, to surprise her with a party with various gifts. Here you can also complete tasks and collect items, and in the end – to win even more surprises.

Pregnant Talking Cat Emma cheat

The game has a lot of all kinds of entertainment, including special mini-games. But it will be hard for you to take care of the cat, monitor its health and make money on clothes, nursery equipment and other necessary purchases. Therefore, now on our site you will find the Cheat Codes Pregnant Talking Cat Emma for a lot of money. Get precious stones and use valuable items to buy.


Pregnant Emma is surprisingly sweet and cute! I do feel the character moves a little stiff and could be more fluid, but overall it is still cute. A bit more animation and polish and this could be really great! Still recommended in the meantime! I certainly hope they make pregnant dog Masha too!

Pregnant Talking Cat Emma hack

I am still in progress of Emma being pregnant the first time and was wondering if you actually deliver the kittens and she gets pregnant again. I also just downloaded my cat Emma and is waiting to see if it is possible that it can be better than this game! 


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