Prey Day: Survival hack (a lot of money) – role-playing game in the genre of survival, combining elements of craft and action. The gameplay takes its realism, the world is well-drawn enough, and the network mode allows you to build relationships with real players, although it will not always end favorably. Get familiar with the new world and remember that the rules of survival here are very similar to those used by animals in the wild.

Despite the fact that the gameplay does not impose mandatory quests, you will have plenty of tasks, the main thing is to determine the goals and gradually move towards their execution. Find in the huge metropolis a secluded place and protect it from the attacks of the walking dead. It is important to remember that own security is the key to survival, because you will not be able to monitor the perimeter around the clock and will often take to the streets dazzling with danger. You can not live a week without provisions, which left quite a bit.

Prey Day: Survival cheat & codes

  • War chest – 10 – XJ_4BOibuJ8
  • Medic bundle – 10 – Tp_SHbZtG5w
  • Mercenary bundle – 5 – Ky_UYjM5oTK
  • Wood – 100 – Ba_Dp9FebUa
  • Bucks – 650 – T9_Zd3rczrN

In some stores there may be food, weapons, agricultural supplies – take everything that you can drag into your lair. Sooner or later, even a damp match can save your life. Zombies will not always meet, but the weapon must be constantly in hand, because they appear suddenly, and will not wait until you run home for a shovel. These creatures are slow, but strong, and indeed they are not your biggest problem.

Prey Day: Survival cheat

Hunger, fatigue, lack of drinking water and food are the most powerful psychological enemies. In addition, you are left alone in this cruel world. You can recover on the streets in order to find a living creature, make friendship or even join the defensive ranks created by other gamers. But it’s far from being a fact that you will be accepted, many take away property and kill the survivors – so there is a chance to hold out even longer. If you understand this world, he will be able to give you a valuable experience.

Download free Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie for android every user can. Check what dough you are from, show that even the end of the world cannot break you, and vice versa – temper your character.

Reviews Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie

Initially I gave a bad review because the servers were down where I live, US East Coast. But they’re working fine now after an app update. Now the problem is I cannot continue to play the game because I cannot find any nails to complete. The initial mission goals to build what I need to build in order to start crafting. It doesn’t matter how many levels I scavenge for crafting material, I cannot find any nails. So the game at this point for me is unplayable, because my character is going to die.

Prey Day: Survival hack

This game is a literal 5/5 and it’s the best. It’s like a balanced version of last day on earth but has multiplayer! Like who wouldn’t like that? Everything is great and its more focused on the realistic side like it takes time to heal when you eat or use heals and it’s not like instant heal.

Everything is good and what makes this game special is that there are a lot of PVP areas for the aggressive people like me. And other areas that can be done with you or with a friend and also there is a research table. In the game which makes me think this game was inspired by the game Rust. This game is COMPLETELY free to play and doesn’t require money to have fun in the game!

But I do recommend spending 1-5 dollars on some healing packs for the aggressive people though. I highly recommend this game in my side of view though they don’t have a proper trading system yet so you can still get scammed.

One downside though is that there isn’t much locations that are mainly focused on metal scrap and the other locations for metal scrap besides the roadblock is definitely not worth the time and healings to do it so yea… hope you guys make balanced to locations on metal scrap. Also I hate the fact how I lost some of my progress and my loot when Christmas update came in in the middle of fighting a zombie so plz make a fix for that…


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