PUBG MOBILE hacking for a lot of money using cheat codes. Work tricks on Android and iOS. The project in the royal shooter genre is now seen and mobile platforms. In this multiplayer confrontation you will have a chance to prove your superiority over others.

Show how you can soberly assess the situation in the most difficult moments and whether well tactically savvy. PUBG MOBILE – this is a real war, where only the player’s actions will determine his life and the outcome of the entire battle. In addition, the site has codes for the game Forward Assault.

After you descend with a parachute to an abandoned island. It is necessary as soon as possible to hide and explore the location for weapons and other devices. You have nothing, you are more vulnerable than ever, be extremely careful, as dozens of gamers are scurrying around somewhere with the same goal. Your mission is survival, but the same task for the whole hundred participants. So try not to reveal your location, otherwise they will shoot.


  • 3000 Unknown Cash – Tx1OrckUuk_PM
  • 6000 Unknown Cash – 8lpG8hfIIw_PM
  • limited pack_40 – 7c1Lo8z5Vc_PM

Grenades, pistols, sniper rifles – here weapons for every taste. The only catch is that the player must get it with his own hands. Search left at home, find caches and take convenient positions for shelling opponents. Trusting someone here is a mistake at the cost of life. After all, man for the sake of salvation is ready for anything, even to the lie and mirage promises. Remember. What is your goal – to remain the last survivors, the rest for the gameplay is not important.


The game received a phenomenal visual component. Good detailing and extensive lists of widgets for each participant in this quest. Use the PUBG MOBILE cheat codes to hack the game on for android for free, disarm and destroy dozens of opponents. Zainmayte first place and rise in the world ranking.

Game PUBG MOBILE reviews

Amazing Gameplay! One Of The Best Games On Playstore. Please Continue To Make This Game Better And Better With Every Update. And It Would Be Amazing If First-person Mode Was Available In Arcade Mode. But Still The Best Game I Ever Played. The Graphics Are Also Amazing. Controls Can Be Customised And Small Details Are Also Kept In Mind. Keep It Up Tencent Games! Thankyou For An Amazing Game Which United Millions Of People Worldwide.


This is a fundamental flaw in pubg not just mobile, and it’s that the TTK is too short to react to anything. Sometimes you finish clearing out a building, and while you’re looting the bodies. The last squad member puts 20 pounds of lead in your skull. And the only way you could’ve avoided that was to go back in time and wait for him.

You could be the best player in the world but even that can’t save you from a enemy instantly downing you from behind. Speaking of downing, why do they have so much health. In R6, they only have 20 health, which means that anything would kill them in one shot.


In pubg, they have 100, AKA once you kill them, you have to effectively kill them again to finish them off. One last rant, how come when I down someone, it doesn’t count as a kill. I put in the same effort for the kill as I would a solo. Yet when I need to kill them again to get the kill. And to avoid people getting multiple kills off of one guy, you only get a kill if you haven’t downed said person.

Another problem is the other game modes only have the option to play on the normal map AKA the worst one IMO. Making it so that every map is playable would be amazing because places like bootcamp. El Dorado, and Dino World each in their respective map are amazing for firefights and so much fun. Also the new map is fine. I think the Dino world is neat and as I said before would be amazing for quickplay.


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