Real Car Parking 2-hacking, free on Android and iOS. Tips for passing, boosters and codes, cheats and boosters in the game. How to get gold, a lot of money, unlock weapons. Real Car Parking 2 is a virtual driving school on your mobile device.

This is one of the most thoughtful simulators of our time, combining training and parking elements. You are waited for by several modes of different complexity, hundreds of tasks, according to different situations on the roads and, of course, an amazing 3D visual shell. On the cheat-cod site also available codes for the game Redline: Unlimited.

In the driver’s vehicle fleet, there will initially be only one car, but gradually completing the missions. You can become the proud owner of a dozen other vehicles. The creators of this unique product were also designed and difficulty modes. Through which you can learn parking processes from scratch and become a professional driver. The game is well developed physical model, every detail, until the process of management is thought out to the smallest detail.

Real Car Parking 2 cheat codes for Android/iOS

  • Cash Pack 5 – W1m7eQf1nS
  • Special Cars – elCWAJyOW7
  • Gold Pack 5 – oOJ350Xn03

If necessary, the player will be able to change the appearance of the cameras, for example, from inside the cabin, behind and from the side. This product is replete with useful information, thanks to which you can even prepare yourself for the SDA exams.

Real Car Parking 2 cheat

If you want to learn how to park cars according to the rules, we suggest you download the original version of the game from Google Play, the Apple Store. Hacking Real Car Parking 2 will allow access to paid resources. You will be able to experience all the realism of the best parking attendant of our day with a mod for a lot of money. Do not miss your chance to have a great time and learn something useful.

Characteristic game Real Car Parking 2:

  • modern visuals;
  • incredible detail of the transport and driving process;
  • new generation simulator;
  • several game modes and hundreds of missions;
  • a variety of driving methods;
  • huge car park;
  • custom camera;
  • near-reality driving process;
  • various variations of localities.

Game reviews

Overall it is one of the best parking games, added with the freedom of free drive mode. I have 2 improvements that may boost your rating. #1. The weather is kinda gloomy and overcast. Yes I know it is night, but maybe add a switch in the game settings that allows you to switch between sunny blue skies and midnight. #2.

This is so so so annoying to me, especially since I bought the BMW I8, there is so much tire screeching and no traction. You don’t need to decrease the car’s power but increase the traction for all cars, especially the super cars over $300,000.

Real Car Parking 2 hack

I counted about 1.5 – 2.0 seconds of just tire screeching, it’s so bad, you can’t even here the car’s engine over the tire screeching. And also please make all the supercar’s engine noise a lot louder, that would be lit. That is what would take this game from great and make it one of the best.

Dear developers this is a truly awesome game with nice physics and beautiful graphics! I like it that the game also teaches you for road safety. I would like to spend money on this game. However I do not wish due to the lack of cloud saving. Is it possible to add cloud support for this game? If it is I’d be happy to see it in the near future. I hope you answer this comment.


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