Rise Up hacked, cheats, codes, a lot of money, guide, tools, unlock items, disable ads. Rise Up is an arcade project, similar to the well-known game Keeper. Together with all its simplicity, the gameplay poses fairly difficult tasks for the player, requiring excellent reflexes. In this regard, the developers have implemented one-touch navigation. This simplifies the process, but does not make it boring.

From now on, your most important task is to be responsible for the integrity of the balloon inflated with helium. The higher he can get between the clouds, the better your ratings and bonuses. Recently you could see the game Mr Gun, on the site you will find codes for free resources.

Rise Up cheat

To begin with, you should choose the difficulty mode, which determine the number and frequency of occurrence of obstacles in flight. You do not control the ball, but you have to manage to clear the way for it by using a certain shield. The higher you fly, the harder it is to squeeze between objects, the touch of which promises a loss.

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The levels have no end, so play before losing. But there are many locations with different colors, which somewhat dilutes the monotony. You will always be on the verge of losing, so watch the movement of barriers and platforms, so as not to fall into the trap.

Cheat Rise Up codes for android will give you a chance to get into the number of leaders with less effort. On this page you can find the codes, they will allow everything to be unlocked and after installation you will receive the necessary privileges.

Game Rise Up feature:

  • timekiller with original mechanics;
  • ascetic design levels;
  • random generation of each new location;
  • increasing gameplay dynamics;
  • player tops and bonus rewards;
  • the possibility of choosing difficulties;
  • one-click navigation.


Super keeeeewl! Sometimes it can get harder on just level 3! But that’s okay! But it can help if my cursor can move a little bit faster considering how small a minority of objects are. But gameplay? Simply fivefivefivefive thousand stars (It’s not a mistake.) Four stars I give yu! Kawaii out!

Rise Up hack

Overall, I really enjoy this game but there are is one thing that is very annoying. My biggest problem with the game is how whenever you get to level 27 it restarts you back to one every time! I have gotten to 27 a lot and then it just resets to 1 and then when you do it from there and get 27 it still resets you back to one. I have beaten the game multiple times but of course do that flaw it never actually lets me finish the game. 


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