Rival Knights hacking free on android and iOS. Cheats and codes in the game for free, coins and gems. Tips for passing and boosters. Rival Knights is an arcade with elements of action in which players are invited to travel back to the Middle Ages and take part in a knightly tournament.

The game was created by Gameloft studio and this is their first project on a similar theme, but as we already know, this mobile developer has never let down gamers. Nonstandard gameplay in an interesting setting instantly rivets on the smartphone screen, and dozens of fights will hone combat skills and become the strongest knight of his time. Who knows, perhaps you are destined to become the winner of this tournament.

Rival Knights hack

In the story in your kingdom, the king dies and leaves a bunch of debts. You go to this tournament in the hope of winning and get the main prizes, the wealth that covers all the debts. At the fight, the fighters are represented by five different orders and you need to defeat them in dozens of duels.

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  • Barrel of Gemstones – R0StxNhGIr
  • Barrel of Coins – UXRHLzmzHW

The gameplay itself, in principle, is standard: you need to accelerate on a horse to great speed and, approaching your opponent, deal a crushing blow with a spear. For this, you get your reward and proceed to the next stage.

Your chosen character is endowed with three characteristics that should be constantly improved and improved. This is the strength of the strike, the level of armor and the speed with which your horse runs. Earn more game currency, and then you can improve all these parameters.

Rival Knights cheat

There is in the application and a special store where the player can buy helmets, armor, the best spears and even change the pattern of the represented coat of arms. If you have enough money, you can even change your horse for a faster one.

Regarding the schedule claims a priori can not arise. In addition to the excellent three-dimensional solution, there is amazing detail, there are even all the elements of the armor. If you want to see the full potential of the game, we suggest you use the Rival Knights cheat codes for android. With codes for a lot of money, you will get absolutely everything that you lack in order to win this exciting event.

Game reviews

This game is very fun however I can’t move to the new league despite clearing every stage in the old one. It seems a lot of people are having this issue and it’s been around for some time. Pretty poor customer service in that regards as there should already have been a new update to fix that. If you take over a game make sure you keep an eye on it and fix it when it break.

I love this game! The graphics are amazing, and controlling the character in gameplay is super easy and fun. I love competing and moving up! It’s easy, but challenging and fun at the same time! The difficulty of the levels progresses just enough to be difficult enough for entertainment, but not so difficult that you get stuck on a level for an insane amount of time. Most games I only have downloaded for a few hours before I get annoyed or bored, but I’ve had this app for a few months now, and it’s still my favorite. 


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