Rolling Sky hacking, a lot of money, keys, life and lack of advertising. Unlock balls, get a shield, bonuses, cheats, codes in the game for free. Rolling Sky is a difficult arcade game in which the player needs to learn how to make lightning-fast decisions.

The game mechanics are in some way similar to the ZigZag puzzle application, in which you need to control the ball on cubic tracks. However, in our case, the visual range is implemented much better and brighter, and the gameplay at times becomes truly hardcore. Only perseverance and good reflexes will allow you to go through all the locations and become the owner of the maximum record.

Rolling Sky hack

The essence of the game is to get from one conditional point to another. Everything would be fine, but in the way of the ball you control, all sorts of obstacles will grow right before your eyes. Sometimes these are ordinary green trees or a pillar, but the situation gets worse when laser guns appear. Dodge that deal is pretty filigree. The farther you roll the ball, the more dynamic the game becomes. There will even be places in which the platform below you will run away.

Rolling Sky hack cheat for Android/iOS

  • Upgrade – TQE4G8R04L
  • unlimited balls and revive at – HV3MM8EE1K
  • Unlimited ball with no ads – CQJ3V0H599
  • 10 superhearts – 7MVTO8MCDL
  • 500 Balls – E8CC2ZHDUH
  • 10Keys – XQ27XRE4NB
  • 35 hearts – 6M6S5IRYV2

You need to try to go through all these hellish tests without losing the ball. Touching the display, you launch your object into action, and then you need to level off its maneuvers by touching it, moving away from the aforementioned obstacles. If you like simple arcade games, then Flip Master codes will also allow you to have fun.

With each passed stage, the speed and the number of points increase, so the further you make your way, the better it will be for you. After passing the location you can go to the internal store. to buy new original items, as well as auxiliary things that might come in handy one day.

Rolling Sky cheat

So that you will not be fixated only on collecting crystals, keys and other trifles, we suggest you to step back from the rules and use the Rolling Sky cheat codes on the android, this. Its peculiarity lies in the endless balls, keys and lives. And these tricks will allow you to go much further.

Game reviews

So unfair! I’m out of balls on lvl 1!!! Lvl 1!!!!!! Why make it so hard on the first lvl? Seriously, fix it or I’m done. Also I recommend this game to NO ONE unless you feel like losing. I’ll admit, maybe it ain’t as bad as I make it sound but it still sucks.

When I downloaded this game, I can’t remember seeing any ads whatsoever. I forgot about this game, but I recently started again and realized how enjoyable it is. But lately, I have noticed an increase in ads that seems to be a little desperate.

I realize that the company puts ads in the game for a reason, but it’s reaching a point that makes it seem like you can’t play the game at all. Every time I click a button, an ad pops up. It wouldn’t be that bad if they were just five to ten second ads, but these are thirty seconds long, and you can not skip them.

They simply just get in the way and make it inconvenient for the player. Something else I’ve been noticing lately is whenever I try to start again if I crash or don’t complete level is it has a Google pop-up and I can’t click off of it. And,

every time I try to click away, it takes me to that page and I have to load the game back up. Also, whenever I try to watch an ad to get 10 more balls or start at a checkpoint, I’ll click it and then in the end it won’t give me what I asked for.

It seems like the game is a inconvenience with the excessive amount of ads. Overall, I love the game and it’s quality and hope that it can be improved so I can throughly enjoy it once more.


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