Rolling sky hacking, disable ads, gems on Android / iOS. Mobile timekiller with a fairly dynamic and difficult gameplay. Try to hold the glass ball to the end of the location on the platform. Pass a whole bunch of obstacles and difficulties, while collecting the required number of elements on the way. Be smart, speed and maximum concentration. Be quick and watch every movement of the controlled object.

The platform consists of a large number of block elements, from which I will grow various barriers. Bypass trees, metal poles, threshers, laser guns, panels, and so on. Additionally, at certain stages of passage, part of the platform will begin to evaporate, collapsing directly under the ball. In order not to fall into the abyss, you need to notice which of the blocks are filled to change color.

Rolling Sky cheat

  • Unlimited balls – 7D70l1RtU0
  • Unlimited Keys – 2mkOdLI81d
  • Remove Ads – QqKtfO5lFH

Dexterity of control is yours, because only due to the speed transition to further stages is possible. Navigation takes place with one touch. Despite this, you need to try and learn a little to drive the platform. Complete each level, collect the necessary crystals, purchase new gadgets and balls, beat your own achievements.

Rolling Sky cheat

On our site you will find Rolling sky codes for android, ios for free. Cheat codes for endless balls, shields and keys that will minimize the percentage of losses. Now everything will depend on the dexterity of your fingers.

Characteristic game Rolling Sky :

  • minimalist design;
  • several locations with beautiful landscapes;
  • a variety of obstacles on the platform;
  • game for accuracy and speed;
  • various devices and bonuses.


Another ad farm. To get anywhere and enjoy this game smoothly you have to get the expensive ‘no ads + unli balls’ in-app purchase

Rolling Sky hack

I’m just finishing the Spectre, and them I’m erasing this game. I don’t wanna pay for this **** anymore. You destroyed the game I loved. I’m out.

I rate this game a 5 because IT Is FING EPIC And Lit awesome.

This game is so amazing and really changlleing but cool u should try it.


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