Run Sausage Run hacking – arcade adventure, made in the cartoon style. Taking control of one of the funny characters, you need to rush through the kitchen, filled with a mass of cutting objects and stay alive. The protagonist of this story becomes one of the sausages that is completely unwilling to become a snack. But the whole point is that the level is only one and it is infinite.

A frightened protagonist will rush forward on his own, but you will need manual dexterity, or rather a finger, in order to manage to dodge knives and other killer traps. On the way, you will come across gas stoves, cutting tools and even meat grinders. One touch to the display reproach without a character, bend down and try to get as far as possible in this most dangerous adventure.

Since it is impossible to pass the level a priori, your goal is to collect coins and other bonus funds that will allow you to escape death from a certain situation.

Run Sausage Run cheat

The further you reach, the more points will be credited to the balance, which means there is a chance to set a maximum record. Also here you can unlock new heroes, such as sausage-cowboy and others. We suggest you use the Run Sausage Run codes to get access to unlimited possibilities. Thanks to the cheat codes for a lot of money, you do not need to be fixated on fundraising.

Run Sausage Run hack for Android/iOS

  • Big Coin Pack – 7GHVF5FOAN
  • Double coins – SVNSU8NIF8
  • Golden skins pack – S3GUTFH7EV
  • Idols Pack – H8COB3B06X

You can also find Subway Surfers codes on our website, this is another runner for fans of this genre.

Game Feature:

  • drawn graphics with funny characters;
  • endless race for survival;
  • a large number of bonus rewards;
  • a variety of traps and deadly devices;
  • setting records;
  • intuitive control;
  • Purchase additional heroes.


WAY to many adds. More time looking at a ads then game time. Ads at the foot of the screen. Ads between EVERY life. Seems the designer cares more about ad sales then longterm app users. Couldn’t play more then 10 min of this because of the massive amounts of annoying advertisements.

Hack Run Sausage Run all my skins disappeared and I sent you a message. And got a reply quickly and since the update all my skins return. But you have updated again and taken off the challenges after spending time doing them and getting into 40s challenges. It feels like a total waste of my time. I r…

Run Sausage Run hack

Alright so I love this game a lot, but after a few minutes of playing, I realized that there is a major glitch. Well I wouldn’t call it a glitch but there is a very easy way to get a high score. As it sits right now, my high score is over 11,000. That is due to the fact that if you can get past 100 points, all you have to do is hold the screen to run. And yes, if you hold it for too long, a spin blade will get you but that’s where the “glitch” comes in.

If you continuously hold the screen for a few seconds and then you let go just for a split second and resume holding the screen, you can skip any obstacle and you can run continuously without dying. You just have to be careful and time letting your finger go or else you’ll pop up right by a blade or something. Like I said it’s not exactly a glitch but it allows you to not have to work too hard to get a high score. Thank you for your time and fix it or don’t, I don’t mind either way because no one I know has even gotten close to my high score lol.


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