Russian Rider Online hack – multiplayer car racing. This game shows how many-sided cars can be, released from under the wing of the domestic auto industry. Compete with other gamers in several game modes, buy new cars, improve them and earn street racing status.

The gameplay allows you to put together your own gang of up to ten participants and drive with them on Russian streets. You can also create your own server by setting a password for it, which only approximate people will know. Chase in the game for speed, trying to break existing records, or gain more points, and also take part in a driving competition with other opponents. Each mode has its own advantages, with which you will learn the technically correct behavior on the tracks, so we advise you not to dwell on only one.

Russian Rider Online cheat & codes for Android, iOS:

  • 500 000 of virtual currency – LgE4UpK171
  • 300 pistons – W8kNjuSOTd
  • Unlimited Turbo – W3qcY2l0Ys
  • No ads – iNAxJmGNkM

It is also worth remembering about another interesting mode called “Chase”, where you have to catch up with the order violators. However, to open it, you will need to collect as many wheelbarrows as possible in your collection. Well, the most astounding mode – “Football”, in which, driving on cars, players will kick the ball across the field. Here you can get Russian Rider Online cheat codes. Hacking will give you access to all the available fleet, as well as to the maximum pumping of each vehicle. With a lot of money in the game, everyone can unlock all items.

Russian Rider Online cheat

The graphical shell in the game is subject to settings, and if you set them to maximum, it will be a spectacle worth seeing. Also not inferior to any sound, animation and well-adapted controls. In general, you need to download – not otherwise. Recently, codes on Shadow Fight 3 have appeared on our site, this is a great opportunity to expand abilities.

Characteristic game Russian Rider Online

  • six unusual racing modes;
  • about 50 cars;
  • network mode;
  • the ability to create a server of up to 10 participants;
  • detailed graphical shell;
  • simple management;
  • many tracks and even a football stadium.


The car physics are pretty good in terms of handling and car control. Multiplayer lobby is always active. Graphics of course could be improved, and maybe new tracks/game modes in the future? Definitely a great free multiplayer racing game.

Russian Rider Online hack

It’s great! Maybe fix the license plate feature.
Add car customization like different rims paint tires, etc.
It’s a amazing game love it.

Make your Jobano game they do not work and the other game is not working. But it only appears when the hack has begun that game is insane never played this game.


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