Sandbox Coloring hacking using cheat codes, free guide on Android / iOS. Sandbox Coloring is a mobile application with a training slant that will appeal to every member of your family. In the first place, of course, children will be delighted with such an acquisition. After all, the content itself offers dozens of funny and vivid pictures that also need to be colored. But you will find here what to do with yourself, even if you have long crossed the line of school age.

Because it is, in the first place, educational content. Game mechanics is presented in a special form, where each cell of the picture will correspond to a certain number. For example, red – 8, gray – 13, beige – 7. Such a layout allows the child not only to clearly remember the names of colors, but also to distinguish between numbers. This is an excellent ground for the development of creative data, where children of any age. And even an adult can partially realize himself as an artist.

Sandbox Coloring cheat

The developer provided an extensive set of drawings, all of which are different in their structure. It was deliberately not without purpose, because each of them has a certain number of cells. A different number of colors, from which some are harder to paint, others are simpler. Paint bunnies, cupcakes, elves, and later, when you put your hand on – start creating landscapes and other real masterpieces. Share your mood with friends or save your own achievements in your device.

Sandbox Coloring cheat

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  • Yearly Sandbox Unlimited – Fh9vyw7CFe

Perhaps an important detail is the lack of advertising, which often distracts from the process and makes it difficult to do everything correctly. There is also no content for additional downloads. Exclusively update the version where new drawings will be added for painting. From our site you can find Sandbox Coloring codes for Android in one click for free and start doing your favorite business today. You and your children will love this app.

Characteristic game Sandbox Coloring:

  • a huge list of drawings for work;
  • interesting work system;
  • educational game with many useful properties;
  • absolute simplicity of the interface and control;
  • lack of advertising;
  • frequent content updates;
  • app for all family members.


Love this coloring App. The animation was a nice feature add too. I enjoy seeing what it will do for animation of the picture.

I suggest if possible, to take coloring by number to the next level of difficulty to provide more challenging coloring pages. What I mean by higher level. Let’s consider the current coloring pages as the initial level with the number of squares by squares in size and about maximum of 25 colors.

Sandbox Coloring hack

Say you complete 100 pages, then the moderate level becomes available. The moderate level is twice the number of square by squares for high resolution coloring page and the number of color increase to about 50. Once you complete 100 moderate level pages, then you progress to super level.

Where the resolution doubles again and the colors increase to around 75. Then once you get 100 super level pages completed, than comes the extreme level. Once again the resolution doubles and the colors to maximum of 100. To not have to make a major change it support of the numbers for the color, they could remain as two digits from 1 to 99. Since possible going three digits might be harder to see.

I hope this suggestion happens, I would really like to see it implemented. Giving the people using the coloring app, additional goals to reach, while providing a future path for higher level of difficulty with more interest to continue to play Sandbox color by number App far into the future.


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