Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition – hacking, a lot of money, guide, tuls. Unlock weapons, currency sets for free, coins and precious stones. Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition cheats and codes in the game, special sets. This is an updated release of the acclaimed Shadow Fight 3 mobile game.

Disadvantages during the gameplay, caused by the constant need to wait for the accumulation of energy, were taken into account by the developers. At first glance, nothing has changed much, however, you can see that advertising no longer interferes with the gameplay. Warriors now have the opportunity to acquire new weapons and uniforms. The graphical shell and control remained unchanged, as they did not require any modifications.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition cheat

Thus, other shortcomings were corrected and Nekki decided to release a premium version of the second part, where a new chapter awaits users. Your secondary mission will now be a duel with Titan, the evil ruler who captured distant lands. As before on the way to the boss you will meet with gifted warriors, considered the best in certain types of arts. Be careful, because each fighter is unique in nature, he has an original set of punches, tricks and weapons.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition cheat codes

  • Chest of Coins – RicuWhLrho
  • Chest of Gems – ZYTDRHclpR

By pumping your ninja, you will gradually strive to the top of skill. On the way to Titan, you will improve your fighting style and will be able to understand how you can fight the enemy. Also in the game there are internal purchases, where you can acquire weapons and ammunition, without which you can not do in a duel.

For this, you can use Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition codes. So everyone can get a lot of money on the account for free, first of all it is an opportunity to increase the level and chances of winning. Download it and try to resist the fist of rage that has fallen on your world.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition game reviews:

Awesome game to be honest. I played the original and I loved it so let’s give this one a try too. Recommend it to players out there that like quick challenges since the energy in this version of the game is not even a problem anymore and no adds… that’s just fantastic. Incredible game 👌 Also, some bugs need to be fix because it makes the game really bad such as bombs not being activated. Eclipse not being available, and unable to see the seals on the rewards/trophy menu.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition hack

I had already played the regular game for a long time and couldn’t get near the end because of the energy limit. I didn’t feel the need to buy unlimited for so much money. This game has many gems and unlimited energy that leads to much faster progression.

Plus the fact that upgrades don’t have the angering timer makes it so you can constantly progress and get through a province in a matter of hours instead of days or even weeks. This special edition got rid of all the kinks that bothered me about the original. 


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