Soul Knight hacked on the android – knightly action, in which you were assigned a serious mission to save humanity from aliens. In this pixel bagel, you will need to go down deep into the bowels of the earth, where cunning enemies plot something wrong, give them a light and return to their homeland to taste the sweetness of victory.

According to legend, there is a certain artifact of equilibrium, which for many centuries kept in check opposing forces. However, someone stole it, and the bloodshed began. Your knight needs to go on a long journey, find the villain, nakostylyat him and pick up an ancient stone. The generation of random levels is therefore unrealistic to guess where you will appear after winning or losing. Along the way, destroying the minions of evil. You need to collect energy and gold, as well as look for portals leading to other levels.

Soul Knight cheat

You will have an atypical gun in the form of a pistol. But gradually you can find chests of valuables and find other types of weapons in them. You will be able to take on a hike only two weapons, as well at your disposal will be a cat who copes well with your protection. Gradually going through new stages, you will meet interesting characters who, one way or another, will help in the journey.

Soul Knight cheat & codes

  • CNY Treats: A Box of Gem – K4E6IKOUFGY
  • Engineer – 39XAQIXDD2S
  • Vampire – 5S5DQE481W
  • CNY Treats: A Bag of Gems – WUAVV05IM8
  • Paladin – UGQ96A2VGP
  • Werewolf – CYSG0B4XK4
  • Druid – JAK5KWS1A9
  • A box of gems – 84IDZ3UXRW
  • Fish Chips – SW9X86MULX

Download the free Soul Knight cheat for Android with a mod a lot of money absolutely free. With the presence of such a sum, you can upgrade your hero and make him as strong as possible. And if you get tired of it – buy another unit that will be even stronger. This is a great pixel adventure, in which there are not only many interesting missions, but also plenty of opportunities for self-realization.

Soul Knight code


  • Arsenal, numbering more than 100 types of weapons;
  • several unique characters;
  • dozens of levels;
  • random selection of dungeons;
  • treasure chests and bonuses;
  • earch for secret portals;
  • a variety of opponents;
  • implemented avtopritsel.

Reviews Soul Knight

Awesome game 5 stars Edit : I unlocked a lot of the heroes even the elf and maxed him…. No cloud save once deleted??? I grinded a lot for them. Pls check my google play records It shows that I got to lvl 3. How can anyone get to lvl 3 with just the default character? I will make my review back to 5. Pls fix this thanks.

This Game Soul Knight is the best mobile game you can download. Every character brings a unique playstyle and abilities. Different types of Weapons make every playthrough unique. Multiplayer is a blast if a bit easy on normal mode.

Soul Knight hack

While you have to pay for several characters the ones you can get with in-game currency are plenty. I haven’t experimented much with the new armor system but the parts I have played are a blast. To summarize: This Game is Better than a lot of console and pc games I’ve played.

This game is a blast to play, i have tried all the characters, they have really fitting and unique abilities, and giving them their starter weapon was a brilliant idea, and i hope this mobile game app cam grow beyond what it is. This is my first time writing about a Mobile game, since i always loose interest in them. I really hope this Game you make will go on too be better with each passing year, you, or you all are doing a great job!


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