Squirrel Simulator hacking on Android and iOS for free. Cheats and codes, full, free version of the game, a lot of money mod, immortality and boosters. Squirrel Simulator – the ability to merge with wildlife and reincarnate in a small fluffy rodent. The first thing that is noteworthy in the game is its maximum proximity to reality.

The behavior of the characters, the environment and the life of the squirrel itself is thought out to the smallest detail, which gives a certain effect of presence. Look at the world with the small eyes of a defenseless animal and help the creature find its place in it. Using the codes, you can get a lot of money for free Zombie Castaways.

What do you think, what does the red-tailed squirrel do every day? That’s right, she rides through the trees, making her way to great heights, looking for nuts and mushrooms in the leaves, equips her modest dwelling and tries to avoid meeting with the predatory creatures that live in the forests.

Wolves, bears, foxes and other toothy will hunt you, so first of all, you need to create a safe comfortable environment for yourself. Find a place where there will be plenty of food and no animals.

Squirrel Simulator cheat codes, hacking:

  • God mode – x1XiVQ3p1r
  • Remov Ads – hlWOd8RYX2

As if that would not be desirable, but it is necessary to fight for the territory more than once, because snakes and mice will steal supplies from you. However, your protein undergoes pumping, which will soon give advantages over small animals, and you can bravely defend your territory. After receiving the tenth level, you can find a mate and even recreate offspring, yet it’s much easier to survive together.

The hacked version of the Squirrel Simulator cheat codes for Android and iOS are available on our website. Using the codes, you can get additional features. We do not need a registration procedure, so after a few clicks, you will be able to dive into the realistic and full of dangers of the game world. Become a brave squirrel and lead the world standings.

Some player reviews:

Its a great game! if only my tablet was not so laggy.. but anyways i have O N E problem i just got a mate and i wanted a new house for a skin i thought: both of the house things would keep showing! but no… only the new one does and now i cant find my mate.. please fix this! and make the house with the mate a Blue.

I love the game and all but it would be helpful if they made it that you can hold more than one piece of food so that in case there is a lot of food around u can get it all and sometimes the food despawns after u leave |your house. but everything else is awaome.


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