Hacking Stickman Killer Backflip 5 on android, this is an opportunity to unlock levels and get a lot of money on the account. Follow the prompts, use cheat codes and unlock paid content. Stickman Killer Backflip 5 – the continuation of the mobile action franchise from eminent developer StickManGameDev.

Along with the unstoppable stikmen, you are awaited by a new chapter of violent adventures, distinguished by their particular cruelty and dynamics. As in previous episodes of the series, you must destroy the little man painted in all possible ways, and the quality of the passage will depend on it. Explore all the innovations and privileges, and start a hidden war against virtual humanity. Stickman Archer Fight , Gun Fu: Stickman 2 and other games with this hero are already available on our website.

Stickman Backflip Killer 5 cheat

In the new release of the developers we will see our stickman in a slightly different interpretation. In addition to the fact that he will destroy all life in his path, he will also have to become a parkour driver. But you should gradually learn the wisdom that gameplay abounds in, and gradually begin to earn virtual money to buy weapons. The application has several modes that will not let you die of boredom, and in addition will help get rid of the severity of the negative.

Stickman Backflip Killer 5 codes

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In contrast to the previous release, multi-colored tones appeared in the application. Or rather, a constantly changing background that looks bright and perky in its own way. This, in some way, futuristic design gives a special atmosphere to the game process, and the usual abundance of enemies, severed limbs.

Stickman Backflip Killer 5 hack

And a spray of blood complements the whole picture. We suggest using Stickman Killer Backflip 5 cheats for Android. The new part of the franchise, which for many years remains the leader among virtual projects for mobile devices. And using secrets, you can reach great heights.

Game reviews

I like the game a lot but there’s just one glitch that I don’t like. If you press the Gun button right when you touch a white flag to make you run again you get to shoot your gun while standing but you can’t move. If you fix that I would rate it 5 stars.

It’s a really good game there are some things that. I wish were better like more weapons you can use the parachute more often. You can use the grapple hook and the parachute in the killer levels in that when you get close to an enemy the bullet wanna go right through them. But it’s still really really good game I also would like more levels.

Download game for free from Google Play.


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