Stickman Racer Road Draw 2-hacking for free on Android and iOS. Tips and guides during the passage, a lot of money, coins and guides. Cheat codes, boosters and tips, unlock levels and items. Stickman Racer Road Draw 2 – racing arcade game in which you yourself will pave the way for your character. The game offers an extensive list of vehicles on which to go through all this hell.

However, the task will be complicated because there will be no brakes in each of the selected wheelbarrows. You need to overcome obstacles, other stickmen, try not to fall into the abyss and help the character get to the finish line alive. Stickman Destruction 4 codes are also available on our website.

Stickman Racer Road Draw 2 hack

Locations are presented in the already familiar minimalist format, but this gives the whole hardcore game. Choose your first vehicle and start drawing a path for your stikmen, avoiding explosive devices and other traps in the way.

Stickman Racer Road Draw 2 cheat codes, hacking:

  • 500 000 coins – 7U_K1wCWCxg
  • Remove Ads – 70_8v8KQpiB

For these actions you will be rewarded with bonus funds that can later be spent on the purchase of a more powerful car. But be careful in choosing, because they all have separate characteristics that, one way or another, will affect further developments.

Stickman Racer Road Draw 2 cheat

You can’t do without tricks, you have to jump a lot, perform various frills in the air, but the main thing is to land smoothly on the ground. You will also be available to one of the characters that you can drive tracks, pick your favorite and hit the road. We have the cheat codes for Stickman Racer Road Draw 2 on Android and iOS. Tips and guides for passing a lot of money and get even more pleasure from steep roads.

Game Feature:

  • visualization in minimalism style;
  • transport for every taste: jeeps, pickups, buses, bikes;
  • the ability to draw the path for the character;
  • a bunch of obstacles and tricks;
  • bonuses and other nice promotions;
  • Drive one touch.

Some player reviews:

Installed the game yesterday and even bought ads removal for a better experience. Opened it today and all my progress is gone. Awesome.

– Innovative driving gameplay that is funny, entertaining and addictive.

– Your mission : climb the hill, draw the roads and keep your car safe through the obstacles.

– Lots of vehicles, Mini cars, Offroad, Army, SUV, Jeep, even SchoolBus.

– Cars have different properties like engine power, suspension and grip.

– Draw mountains and climb them with your car.

– Draw the roads of your own style and beware of the obstacles.

– Sketch paths and lines. Keep sketching and sketching again.

– Collect coins, fuels and surprise coin packages while climbing hills.

– Mind the realistic physics, calculate accurate ramps based on speed and direction.

– Feel free and be creative while drawing roads.


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