Subway Surfers Hacked is an addictive game for gamers of all ages. All you have to do is run along the rails, running away from the evil guard and his dog. At first it is easy to do, but over time the game picks up speed and it becomes difficult to overcome obstacles.

To pass the curbs, bushes and other trains will help you a variety of “boosters”. A multi-colored jetpack will give you the opportunity to fly through a part of the map, the sneakers will increase the height of the jump, the star will increase points. If you are still caught, activate the skate to get a new life and move away from the enemy. Also on the site you will find codes for passing the game Minion Rush.

In the course of the passage you will collect coins, with which you can buy new characters and bonuses. At first, only Jake, Fresh and Trika are available, but over time many new heroes will open.

Subway Surfers cheat codes

  • Double Coins – 2pI1REJheZ
  • 180,000 Coins – 5Fy02XEe19
  • 110 Keys – 2QTchXrIbG

In Subway Surfers also pleased with the constant updates that add new locations to the game. So you can travel to different cities, visit Moscow, London, Tokyo, Prague and other cities. In winter, the map is littered with snow, and in summer the warm sun will shine. Game events allow you to collect various words from letters. The more words in your collection, the more gifts you will receive. At the same time, they differ on each map.

Subway Surfers cheat

Do you think you have achieved good skills in agility and acrobatics? Compete with other players in the ranking table. It is updated every season, so that any player has the opportunity to become a champion. Or you can test your skills with your friends by breaking their records.

The game is not demanding at all and can be launched even on old mobile phones and tablets. At the same time the image is quite colorful and detailed. Use the codes and get a lot of money Subway Surfers. Unlock various skins, guides and tips.


Hi, I’ve been playing Subway Surfers since it first appeared (almost 7 years ago). After quite a long absence was delighted to see that it hadn’t really changed in all that time. One thing that I did notice was the amount of advertisements that interrupt game play. I understand that money has to be made to pay staff etc. But maybe just hold back on the ads a bit, and make it a much more pleasant experience for “the surfers” Thanks to all at Kiloo for making such a fantastic game.

Subway Surfers hack

The game has improved and developed in so many ways. I should know cause I’ve been playing since I was young. When I saw that the lil character (forgot his name) has stars on top for when he hits himself I was like “ Awe that’s cute”. Anyway. I have had no problem with the game and I love it a lot. I have to admit that the ads are very annoying but that’s how you guys make money so I understand.

I only have one problem and that is that when I got a new phone I cried because there wasn’t a way to transfer my data only my score. I had gone so long and meet my favorite character Lee. Yeah I had the majority of the characters too and a lot of completed spray paints but Lee was my favorite.

One of the things I like about this game is that there are no ads. They’re pop-up, not videos, so they don’t disrupt your game. However, like all games, this one has some problems. My biggest issue is the top run. Every week, the contestants get harder to beat, and eventually you can’t get past the last person in the silver because they have over a million.


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