Talking Tom Gold Run Hacked – Arcade in symbiosis with a runner where the user will try to restore justice. You are invited to play for one of the characters in the entire series of famous simulators, collect useful bonuses, gold, and punish the villains. The gameplay does not present any special innovations or differences, but the main characters themselves, colorful locations and bright textures do their job and the game is really addictive.

Recently, Tom has life and so is not sugar, but then coming home after work, he sees that he was robbed. The whole house is turned upside down, the furniture is broken and the safe is opened, in which all his savings in gold were kept. But our cat doesn’t have a hob, it’s the first thing that it starts to look for evidence, and decides to catch the bad guys on its own. Go to the city streets in the footsteps of the van, which leaves some clues in the form of ingots.

Talking Tom Gold Run cheat codes

  • Officer Tom – K4a_oiBk86d
  • Truck of dynamite – RYL_M0NRFF8
  • Agent Angela – XWq_NxDXVBC

These ingots themselves serve as game currency, by means of which it is necessary to rebuild a house and buy new interior items. However, this is not all, because here you can also purchase as the main character new characters and play with them. Such an action clearly improves the perception of the game, and it becomes much more interesting and diverse. Choose a hero that impresses you the most and go to catch antagonists.

Talking Tom Gold Run cheat

The game has a lot of locations and additional tasks. It is made in an excellent cartoon style, and management is accompanied by just one touch. Hacked Talking Tom Gold Run, this is an opportunity to get a lot of money you will have all the privileges open. Use the codes for free and immerse yourself in the world of adventure with a talking Tom and company.

Characteristic Talking Tom Gold Run :

  • thought of the storyline, which is rare for runners;
  • high quality graphics, textures and animations;
  • several characters to choose from;
  • catching bad guys and looking for gold;
  • provides bonuses and valuable rewards;
  • simplest control.


I have had this game Talking Tom Gold Run for a few years and play it for a while whenever it updates, and it’s very cute and fun. I like how they’re adding fun new features like new worlds and daily challenges. But there is one big problem: The ads are CRAZY. When I first got the game, it wasn’t too bad. But soon, after a few updates there were ads everywhere. Try to enter a new menu? Ad. Try to upgrade your house? Makes you watch an ad rather than spend gold.

Talking Tom Gold Run hack

Crash and choose not to continue? Still an ad. The ads make it lag during runs, and the house screen is so cluttered with them that it’s hard to press anything. You can watch ads to do almost anything. You can watch an ad to open a vault immediately. Get to spin a rewards wheel, or have a crack at an ad vault. None of that sounds too bad, but here’s the worst part: You can watch ads to continue basically an infinite amount of times per run.

It almost completely ruins the fun. Another issue is the characters you can buy with real money. I don’t really care about them because they’re really just the same as the other characters but with different clothes. But not only were you once able to buy them with in-game dynamite, some of them cost an INSANE amount of money for a mere reskin. I like the game and most of the things they’re adding. I want them to take the commercial intensity back down to when it wasn’t taking over the game.


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