Tank Stars hacked into android, a lot of money, coins, tips and guides. Cheat codes, bonuses and tips, tools. Tank Stars is a tank arcade with a good set of vehicles and PvP-potential. Each round lasts a certain time during which you urgently need to neutralize or blow up your opponent.

To do this, your tank will be equipped with a gun. The power of which can be pumped as you progress through and collect bonus rewards. The battle begins from the time you see your first opponent on the hill. The faster to take a hit, the higher the reward and a chance to join the TOP of the best gamers.

Tank Stars cheat

You could observe similar gameplay in the World of Tanks Blitz mobile action game. The truth is that in our case the graphical environment is much simpler and softer control. Your first task is to find a transport that can withstand more than one attack. All tanks have certain points, hitting which you can blow it up immediately. Try to look for them among enemies, but do not forget about your vulnerability. This will help you upgrade armor, as well as improved guns. On sale in the store there is quite a considerable amount.

Tank Stars cheat

  • Diamond Membership (1 week) – FP7ZEI7MP0
  • Pocketful of Coins – OPWKGLNOZ2
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  • Dubstep – KTA3PUL6TL
  • Pocketful of Gems – SVOJWRU5C5
  • Pinky – JKE93UE83U

Ahead of you is a campaign of more than fifty modeled situations, opponents of varying difficulty, and many powerful vehicles. Use Tank Stars cheat codes.

Tank Stars hack

Get coins and a lot of money. Open access to the sets, get access to a large armory. Cheats for a lot of money will give you the main resources for the game, everything else will depend solely on your chosen tactics.


  • extended garage and possibility of modernization;
  • earning game points, local currency and other bonuses;
  • simple mechanics and convenient control;
  • choose a single pass or network standoff;
  • tournament table.


The game lags a lot, the graphics are good. The taptic feedback is too much which is not required except for the game play. Also, the skip button comes too late. Recommended to keep both the buttons at the same time. Try making it user-friendly in terms of game play any skiping menu. I understand that being a free game adding a continue button to featuring video. And showing skip button after couple of seconds looses the interest of playing.

Tank Stars code

The app started off being a lot of fun. The upgrade system isn’t bad and is understandable. One thing that would be great would be to allow the player to access the tournament battles at all times instead of having us wait for however many hours it does.

After you have a few tanks unlocked and upgraded just killing a single computer tank over and over gets a little boring. The PVP is a little more interesting but still. I’d like to see more modes where you can choose multiple tanks and have multiple enemies like tournament.

One big issue I have with the game is the amount of ads. I understand ads are necessary for a free game but TOO soon. Lose a match, watch an ad. Win a match, watch an ad. And the worst, after the win ad, watch ANOTHER ad just go collect the treasure chest that you just won. It’s ridiculous. Even with that I gave the app 3 stars because I’ve enjoyed playing it.


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