Tanks a lot hacking on Android and iOS for free with the help of promotional codes. Unlock all tanks and items, tips and guides during the passage. How to use the codes in the game, cheats for gems and boosters. Tanks a lot – an arcade shooter in cartoon style, where users from different parts of the world will wage a real war for the championship in the leadership table.

The game offers the simplest mechanics and control, making it easy to master the gameplay. Participate in exciting desmatchakh on world arenas. Create teams of the best participants, compete for bonus rewards and valuable prizes and create combat vehicles that you cannot find in any corner of the planet.

Tanks A Lot cheat

After selecting the first tank, you are invited to try out its capabilities in the arena. You can connect friends to the process or invite other gamers who will not mind the team game. The most popular game with tanks World of Tanks Blitz, on our site you will find the codes in the game.

Three people from each community participate in the desmatche, and the main task here is to destroy the more tanks. The whole round lasts about two minutes, during which you need to blow up all the opponents and get your prizes. The funds are distributed to all participants of the winning group equally.

Tanks A Lot cheat codes, hacking:

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  • Limited Bundle 10 – TOfkCK0Rax
  • 35 000 gems – Nbmb8InpFl

In addition to PvP, developers offer more extensive confrontations. For example, participating in royal battles, you will be completely alone against dozens of angry gamers. There are a couple of original network modes in which a single victory will not be enough.

In the fight for resources, your mission is to preserve various chips. And the longer they are at your disposal, the more serious the final reward will become. Well, the funniest mode is tank football, where you can drive a ball on a team.

Tanks A Lot hack

The game surprises with its variety and mass of lotions for a combat vehicle. Each gamer, if desired, can not only achieve special results in the rating tables, but even create from the numerous elements a cool armored car that will be impossible to overcome. To do this, we suggest you use the Tanks a lot codes on Android and iOS. With the help of a lot of money cheat, you will become independent and invincible.


  • three-dimensional visualization and vivid animation elements;
  • a large number of locations and real opponents;
  • four network modes with special dynamics;
  • dozens of types of weapons and other components of the upgrade;
  • you can assemble a unique team and lead the ratings;
  • special bonuses and game level increase;
  • intuitive control;
  • special version that gives additional features.

Some player reviews:

This game is a lot of fun to play. The different weapons and tread options allow you to customize your tank and make a big difference in how you play. I like collecting and upgrading parts too. After each match you get a chest that takes 3 to 12 hours to open, and you can only open 1 at a time.

So I guess I’m supposed to play for 15 minutes, then wait a whole day (logging in multiple times to keep chest timers going) for everything to unlock, or spend outrageous amounts of real money to open boxes. The store contains multiple $100 bundles too. The monetization is egregiously bad.

One of the best games I’ve played. A game based on skill and expertise, rather than having ‘better weapons’ in general which most p2w games tend to go for. With that being said, this game is very f2p friendly, and most weapons/tanks, even the legendary ones, can be unlocked in due time. The aesthetic and controls are great, and the game modes easy to understand and get used to, even if you’re a newbie. Only complaint is that there is not enough game modes and it gets repetitive after some time.


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