Tap Tap Computer – hacking, free, cheat codes for Android and iOS. Tips and guides during the passage, tips and boosters. Unlock levels, items, tools, a lot of money. Tap Tap Computer is a mobile timekiller, based on the confrontation of computer equipment and cryptocurrency. Here, gamers are invited to go thorny path.

Gradually collecting the world’s most powerful system unit and knock out bitcoins from monsters that will allow you to get rich and collect the maximum electronics collection. Your task is to click on the screen as quickly as possible in order to get more resources and save the necessary amount for upgrading the PC characteristics.

Tap Tap Computer cheat codes, hacking

  • 10 000 diamonds – 8siBqHEOGp
  • 100 000 bitcoins – ZS8_mQuitmk

Every creature opposing you holds a certain amount of bitcoins. The better your software, the more significant the earnings will be, so try to upgrade the system unit at the first opportunity that appears. In addition, available fifty computer boxes, combat robots, spaceships and other gadgets, allowing to win without much effort.

Tap Tap Computer hack

Get electrical appliances and furniture, equip your own corner and pump your unusual fighter for weekly participation in combat tournaments that will bring much more money.

The game has hundreds of parts that can be purchased and become a real winner, but they all require financial costs. Using the Tap Tap Computer cheat codes for android, you will receive a number of additional privileges. But the most important of them is a lot of money, thanks to which you can immediately pump your sistemnik to incredible capacities.

Tap Tap Computer cheat


  • high-quality drawn graphics and visual effects;
  • well thought out storyline;
  • a large number of missions and opponents;
  • variety of computer skins;
  • the ability to assemble a collection of computer parts and devices;
  • arrangement of your own room;
  • weekly benchmark tournaments;
  • classical management.


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