Tap Titans 2-hacking for free using cheat codes. Arcade project for mobile devices, where you have a battle with the titans. You will appreciate the variety of gameplay and monsters encountered on the path of perfection of your characters. Despite the simplicity of the genre, the game is made quite high quality, stylish and has a convenient control.

At the first level, your character will fight alone with the monster. Only then will the opportunity to purchase new heroes. At first it will be easy to win, and when there will be a company of comrades behind you, no difficulty at all. However, you need to click very quickly to defeat the boss, otherwise he will erase you into powder. By the way, your assistants will not be as energetic as you. Therefore, the outcome of the battle will depend on your efforts.

Tap Titans 2 cheat codes

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When the enemy falls, another will take its place and this one will be stronger. For each battle you will drip coins, spend them as quickly as possible, improving the skills of the hero and his friends. Also, you will have the opportunity to periodically apply special skills. This is possible in the presence of mana, which is gradually restored. Thus, soon you will become stronger and more enduring.

Tap Titans 2 cheat

You can download the game for free on different platforms, using bonus codes get a lot of money Tap Titans 2. This will allow you to quickly collect a unique gang and upgrade them to the maximum. The project has a nice visualization, high-quality textures and beautiful bright animation. Defeat the evil titans and restore justice before it’s too late.

Characteristic game Tap Titans 2:

  • a dozen kingdoms;
  • more than a hundred bosses titans;
  • several heroes on your side;
  • various tournaments;
  • hero upgrade;
  • superb graphics;


Every tournament im in. Person in 1st place to 5th are always 2000+ lvs in front of my current wall i cant pass. So tournaments at the moment are not very fair. A rebalancing on tournaments would be good. So far only way to possibly get first place is, build up all your relics for a few weeks without spending. Join tournament, hit your current impassable wall. Then spend your relics.

Tap Titans 2 hack

This game is lots of fun at the beginning however i feel with the amount of time it takes to farm gems. And to buy the highest tir chest its kinda not worth it depending on what stage your on. Also tornaments are completely rigged they will place you with people who have a 500+ stage level above you. Other than that i enjoy it, good to pass time.

Incredible game so far. I wish it was more to it though along the lines of traditional rpg games. Clicking is nice, but it gets annoying after a while. Sometimes its so much going on I cant see anything. A better list of moves would be welcome. But still, TT2 is a incredible game.READ ALL REVIEWS.


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