Tasty Planet Forever hacking, gems, a lot of money on android / ios. Free, cheat codes, guide, tools, bonuses and promotional codes. Tasty Planet Forever – travel in hundreds of locations and eat absolutely everything that will fall on your tupi. Like the Happy Glass game, here the player pursues one single task – to feed the hungry creature. And this is not so easy to do, because only it eats something, immediately grows and requires even more. Manage your cat, shark, bee, mouse or microbe, grow to inconceivable sizes and become the largest subject on earth.

The gameplay here is implemented in such a way that even a child can understand his features. You only need to direct the character to food or other smaller items to absorb them. This process allows the hero to grow up until he can eat trees, bushes, park benches and even small structures. But one should not think that you have no government. At each location there are certain items that can pierce the character, and you lose.

Tasty Planet Forever cheat codes

  • Huge Pack of Gems – EOE_#N*938201

You will collect game resources for which you can buy in the store of new characters. Each creature lives in a completely different environment, so you will not only be in the kitchen in the game. But in the metropolis, the ocean, and even know what it means to be the size of a subatomic particle.

Tasty Planet Forever cheat

Arrange contests with friends, set records and unlock more gaming opportunities. Over more than a hundred levels you will learn many interesting things about the world around you and you will be able to see everything from the other side, through the eyes of its inhabitants.

Cheat Tasty Planet Forever codes for Android from our website and get the opportunity to open new game horizons. Try other applications from the Delicious Planet series and find out what features are present in each of the creatures.

Game Feature:

  • animated graphics;
  • several modes, including multiplayer;
  • a wide variety of characters and worlds;
  • almost two hundred locations of varying complexity;
  • easy navigation.


This game is really good, and that’s why I rated this game 5 stars. But I just have two questions: How do you get gems?, and Can you put a difficulty level? With easy, medium, hard, and pro? For beginners like me, I just want to be able to play better PS. Can you please make another game soon?

Tasty Planet Forever hack

I liked the game. It was cute and worked well, except for the scoring system which I could not figure out. I knew I wasn’t great at the game, but I also wasn’t terrible. But as hard as I tried I was struggling to even get a single star in a level.

And to proceed to further levels you have to have a lot of stars, or you have to buy gems to get coins or stars and that is not something I am willing to do. So I am rating the game three stars simply because I feel like the scoring system added unnecessary level of difficulty.


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